Mapo Harusame, Spicy Fried Vermicelli with Sriracha Sauce

Mapo vermicelli was created in Japan as an adaptation of the Chinese Mapo tofu. This recipe uses tomatoes for a refreshing taste.
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Japanese Tsukemono Pickled Cucumber with Lao Gan Ma

This is a lightly pickled cucumber with the refreshing spiciness of Lao Gan Ma and the delicious flavor of sesame oil.

Spicy BBQ Spare Ribs with Sriracha Sauce

This spicy spare ribs is perfect for a BBQ. It smells great when grilled over charcoal. Of course, they are also delicious in the oven.

Spicy Fried Rice with Lao Gan Ma

Fried rice with Lao Gan Ma, a Chinese chili oil. The Chinese pepper is quite strong in Lao Gan Ma, but becomes milder when heated.
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Spicy Egg and Lettuce Stir-Fry with Lao Gan Ma

Lao Gan Ma is a Chinese spicy oil. The combination of sweet egg, crunchy lettuce and spicy Lao Gan Ma is addictive. Perfect friend for beer!
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Taco Meat Arranged with Meat Sauce and Sriracha Sauce

Just add sriracha sauce to the meat sauce and it becomes taco meat. It goes well with Finnish rye crackers, HAPANKORPPUJA.
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Spicy Spring Onion Salad with Sriracha Sauce

This spicy salad is easy to make by simply mixing chopped spring onions with sriracha sauce and seasonings. It's appetizingly delicious.

Mapo Eggplant

Mapo Eggplant is a Chinese dish, but a Japanese-style version is often eaten as a home cooking. A quick and easy recipe for Mapo eggplant.

Spicy Fried Pork, Vermicelli and Vege with Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is good for dips. When you heat it, the taste changes and goes well with meat, vermicelli and vegetables!

Sriracha Seasoned Pork

Spicy&tasty Sriracha makes pork tender and delicious. Feel free to freeze it, ready seasoned meatmakes life easier.
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