Karjalanpaisti – Finnish Beef and Pork Stew Soup

Karjalanpaisti is a classic Finnish home cooking. Simply put meat and vegetables in the oven. This is a delicious stew that is easy to make.
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Tofu Hardened with Gelatin – Easy to Make with Soy Milk

This recipe for Tofu is easy to make using gelatin and soy milk. You don't need to use salt called Nigari. It's only for cold tofu, hiya yakko.
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Carrot Casserole, Porkkanalaatikko, Finnish Christmas Food

Laatikko = boxed meal, a Finnish Christmas staple. This is one of them, a slightly sweet carrot casserole. This is made with carrots and rice. It is a nostalgic taste.
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Cauliflower Fritters, Fried Cauliflower with Garlic Flavor

Cauliflower, which has a light flavor, is battered with a punch of garlic and made into fritters. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft.

No-Knead Pizza Dough From Quick Rise to Sourdough

No-knead pizza dough can be made with quick rise or long fermenting to sourdough, depending on the amount of yeast.

Karaage with Sweet Sour Sauce, Perfect Meal Prep

Normally, karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, with sweet sour sauce. It's a perfect meal prep.

Juicy Salted Karaage: Season and Freeze as Meal Prep

Normal karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, and also tasty. You can season and freeze it for meal prep.

No-Knead Chinese Noodle, Ramen, the Easiest Ramen

Even if you only have strong flour, you can make Chinese noodles and ramen without kneading, just by waiting. The easiest Ramen!

No-Knead Udon, How to Make Udon WITHOUT Foot

Even if you only have strong flour, high percentage of protain in flour, you can make udon without kneading or stepping. Just wait and enjoy udon.

Petite Round Baguette, No-Knead Overnight Bread

No-knead bread is famous for its campagne. Reducing the water makes the dough possible to shape. Roll it up and make the easiest Baguette.

Overnight Ciabatta, the Easiest No-Knead Bread

Campagne is the most famous no-knead bread, but ciabatta is the easiest. You don't need a pan, and you can keep your hand clean. Amazing easy.

Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Ham, Perfect Meal Prep

This is an easiest soft chicken ham made with chicken breast and thigh. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.

My Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce with Lots of Spices

This is a delicious pulled pork recipe with lots of spices. You can also make barbecue sauce with the onions cooked together.
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Ajishio & Ajishio Pepper, to Reduce Salt with Ajinomoto

Ajishio is a mixture of ajinomoto and salt. You can substitute it for salt to reduce salt. When pepper is added, it becomes Ajishio pepper.

No-Knead Bread: Overnight Campagne without Dutch Oven

This no-knead bread was introduced in the New York Times. I have arranged it for easy making. You can make great campagne easily!
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Tasty, Non-Smelly Chicken Liver Pate, Liver Paste

I got chicken liver from Middle Eastern market and cooked it. If you prepare it well, you can make a delicious liver pate without any smell.
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Pickled red onions are a staple in Finnish salads. It can be made with simple ingredients, but it tastes addictive.
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Tsukemono, Japanese Pickled Turnip

Turnips, which can only be bought in Finland in the summer, are best for tsukemono while still fresh. The leaves can also be eaten raw.
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Tsukemono, Japanese Vinegar Pickled Zucchini and Red Bell Pepper

Zucchini, which is delicious eaten raw, is combined with sweet red peppers and refreshing vinegar.
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Tsukemono, Japanese Pickled Zucchini with Sesame Oil and Ginger

Tsukemono is Japanese pickles. Raw zucchini with the aroma of sesame oil and ginger stimulates the appetite, making it a perfect side dish.
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Japanese Tsukemono Pickled Cucumber with Lao Gan Ma

This is a lightly pickled cucumber with the refreshing spiciness of Lao Gan Ma and the delicious flavor of sesame oil.

Yuzu Kosho, Citrus Chili Paste with Yuzu, Lemon and Lime

The literal translation of yuzu kosho is citrus pepper, but it is spicy and fresh paste. I use lemon and lime insted of yuzu.
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Carrot Rape with Dried Tomato

A colorful carrot rape with dried tomatoes. It can be eaten raw or lightly cooked to reduce the bulk and make it easier to eat.
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Gluten-Free Crackers with Sesame, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

Just mix sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds with eggs and honey and bake. These crackers are crunchy and nutritious, even without wheat.
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Easy Rich Hummus with Boiled Chickpeas

Hummus is a healthy and delicious dish. It's good to serve on crackers or as a dip for vegetables. You can cook hummus with boiled chickpeas.
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