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Finnish Mushroom Salad with Sour Cream, Sienisalaatti

Sienisalaatti, or mushroom salad in Finland, is a salad of mushrooms and sour cream. It is served on bread or crackers.

Homemade Ponzu with Lemon and Lime

This is a homemade ponzu that can be made just by mixing. It is easy to make and tastes better than purchaced one. Perfect for the summer.
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Carrot Rape with Dried Tomato

A colorful carrot rape with dried tomatoes. It can be eaten raw or lightly cooked to reduce the bulk and make it easier to eat.
side, salad

Easy Rich Hummus with Boiled Chickpeas

Hummus is a healthy and delicious dish. It's good to serve on crackers or as a dip for vegetables. You can cook hummus with boiled chickpeas.

Easy Carrot Cake with Lots of Spices

I fell in love with carrot cake in Finland. This carrot cake is not too sweet, full of carrot, nuts and spice, and easy to cook!

Sour Soy Pork Rolled Spring Onion

Do you like wraps? How about spring onion wrapped in thin sliced pork? Looks nice and tastes great! Let’s enjoy vegetables!

Ponzu Fried Pork and Vegetables

Ponzu is a Japanese seasoning. We dip sashimi in it, pour on salads and so on. It’s good for stir frying also, and you can make it with simple ingredients.

Lemon Cream Chicken Pasta

Thick cream taste and sour lemon taste match surprisingly well. Easy and quick pasta recipe for those busy or lazy days.
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