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Japanese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Recipes

New Year is the most important day of the year in Japan. We eat special dishes with various wishes. Here are the recipes you can cook overseas.

Soba with Pasta Machine – Easest Homemade Soba

We have buckwheat flour, but no soba noodles. This is a recipe for soba noodles that can be easily made with a pasta machine, even overseas.

Okaki, Arare, Fried Rice Cracker with Glutinous Rice Flour

Using glutinous rice flour, you can make okaki and arare. Just by adding green laver, shrimp, curry powder or Yukari, you can make fried rice crackers with various flavors.

Deep-fried and Baked Rice Crackers with Rice Flour

This is a recipe for rice crackers that can be easily made with rice flour. You can add a variety of flavors by simply adding Aonori or small shrimp.
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Sweet Bean Kinton, Simmered Beans for Japanese Osechi

This is a New Year's Day staple in my family, my grandfather's favorite, white beans Kinton. This is a recipe for soft boiled beans with a delicious sticky texture.

Gyuhi and Habutae Mochi – Mochi Sweets with Microwave

Gyuhi and Habutae Mochi are very famous mochi sweets in Japan. It can be made in a microwave oven with glutinous rice flour available at Asian markets.
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Making Mochi with Glutinous Rice Flour in Microwave Oven

Mochi is not ice cream with chewy crust. Only the sticky and chewy crust is mochi. You can make mochi using glutinous rice flour easily.
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Kuromame Black Soybeans – Japanese New Year Osechi

Black soybeans are an indispensable part of Osechi food. Please use black soy beans, which can be bought at Asian markets. Normal black beans are not soy beans.
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