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Preparing Pork Large and Small Intestines for Stew

Tripe is quite smelly. Here is a method for preparing pork large intestine, small intestine, and other stinky offal to remove the smell.

Caramel Apple Crumble Cake – Karamelli Omenapiirakka

Apples are the most popular fruit in Finland. This crumble cake topped with caramel apples is an easy to make, delicious and satisfying dish.
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Finnish Bread Cheese – Homemade Leipäjuusto

Leipäjuusto, Bread cheese served with cloudberry jam is a famous Finnish dish. You can make at home as long as you have access to rennet, an enzyme for cheese.
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Cottage Cheese – Easy Homemade Cheese with Vinegar

Cottage cheese is a simple cheese that can be made by adding vinegar and lemon juice to milk. This article also mentions how cheese is made.

Poor Man’s Cake, Köyhän Kakku: Finnish Spice Cake

Even in the days of poverty, this cake was made to give children and guests something delicious to eat. This is fluffy finnish spice cake.

Finnish Spice Cake – Gingerbread Spice Cake

Gingerbread is a Christmas staple. Gingerbread spices are used not only in cookies but also in cakes. Sprinkle powdered sugar to make it Christmassy.
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Carrot Casserole, Porkkanalaatikko, Finnish Christmas Food

Laatikko = boxed meal, a Finnish Christmas staple. This is one of them, a slightly sweet carrot casserole. This is made with carrots and rice. It is a nostalgic taste.
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Cauliflower Soup with Milk – No Cream or Bouillon Powder

This is a rich cauliflower soup without cream bouillon powder. The key is the sesame paste. You can make ti with ingredients you always have.

Finnish Lingonberry Pie, Easy Crumble Cake

This is a recipe for Puolukkapiirakka , which uses the typical Finnish berry, Lingonberry. It is surprisingly easy to make.

Finnish Blueberry Pie and Raspberry Pie, Crumble Cake

They Are All PIE In my mind, this recipe is a cake, but Juhani says that Mustikkapiirakka = "blueberry pie". But wha...
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Buttermilk, PIIMÄ Substitute: Just Mix Milk and Vinegar

PIIMÄ, buttermilk, is used in Finnish and European baking recipes. If you can't buy it, you can easily make it by mixing milk and vinegar.

Spinach and Mushroom Cream Soup with Minced Chicken

Enjoy mushrooms in this cream of spinach and mushrooms soup. You can use both fresh and frozen mushrooms for a better taste and texture.

Finnish Traditional Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce

Meatballs are a traditional Finnish home cooking. Slightly soft meatballs with a mushroom sauce will make you feel like you are in Finland.

Finnish Mushroom Sauce for Meatballs and Salmon Steaks

This Finnish mushroom sauce is full of mushroom flavor. This recipe uses chanterelles and porcini mushrooms from the forest.

Finnish Sweet Bun Dough: Up to the First Fermentation

Finland is sweet bread heaven. This is a recipe for bread dough, the basis for cinnamon rolls and many other sweet buns.
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Tasty, Non-Smelly Chicken Liver Pate, Liver Paste

I got chicken liver from Middle Eastern market and cooked it. If you prepare it well, you can make a delicious liver pate without any smell.
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Beef 4th Stomach Abomasum, Prepared for Stew

When preparing abomasum, it is not wise to boil it from the beginning. Soaking abomasum in milk and boiling it with celery is an easy way.

Silakka Potato Roll

Mashed potato with dried tomato and herbs wrapped with Silakka, a common Finnish fish. Small fish like horse mackerel or sardine work also.

Anko Shokupan

Shokuban is the most popular bread in Japan. Anko rolled shokupan has a gentle flavor. Toasting the anko shokupan makes it more delicious.

Danish Roll; Plain, Chocolate and Matcha

Danish bun recipe with pie crust woven inside the dough to texture and taste. Normal, chocolate and matcha flavoured, great for laskiaispulla.

Japanese Salmon Gratin

Salmon gratin with leek is a Japanese-style gratin with a gentle flavor, seasoned with dashi stock and soy sauce.

Shokupan, Japanese White Bread

Shokupan is the most popular bread in Japan. If you toast it, shokupan becomes crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, perfect bread.

Sweet Boule

This bun is called Sweet Boule or Hat Bun, originally from France. Sweet Boule is so fluffy bun with some sweet crispy cookie dough on top.

Chicken Macaroni Gratin

This is a classic macaroni and cheese gratin made with simple ingredients. Works even without white sauce, easy to make and delicious.

Milk Porridge – A Traditional Finnish Christmas Dish

Milk porridge is a symbolic food of Christmas in Finland. The tradition is to put almonds in the pot and whoever hits them gets a present.
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