Easy Japanese Recipes for Everyone

Easy Japanese Recipes for Everyone

Do you like Japanese food? You are looking at this page, so your answer must be YES!

Is That Japanese Food?

Recently, Japanese food has become very popular. When you look for recipes, there are so many that it is hard to know which one to choose.

From my point of view as a Japanese person, many of the recipes written in languages other than Japanese honestly make me shake my head and wonder if they are really Japanese food.

Is Japanese Food Difficult and Expensive?

There seems to be an image that it is difficult to cook Japanese food. Certainly, there are some dishes that require a lot of work. Since I was a science teacher, I judge whether the work is necessary from a scientific point of view and write recipes that are as easy to make as possible.

At the same time, as a Japanese living abroad, I understand how difficult it is to use Japanese ingredients abroad.
I am introducing recipes for Japanese food that can be made with local ingredients and do not require any special ingredients. On this page, I have compiled some of the most famous and easy to make Japanese dishes.
Do I Need Mirin for Japanese Cooking? For What Reason?
Mirin, often used in Japanese recipes, is a luxury item overseas. Why do we use mirin? What is its role? What can I substitute it with?
Do I Need Sake for Cooking? Can I Substitute It?
Cooking sake is easily available in Japan, but luxury item abroad. What is cooking sake for? Is it essential? Let's think about cooking sake!

I hope you like it!


Japanese Recipes for Everyone

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Substitute Shiro Dashi: Japanese Useful Seasoning

Shiro dashi is a very useful seasoning for seasoning Japanese food, but it is not so common in other countries. Here is a recipe for an easy substitute.

Steamed Buns with Anko, Raw Sugar Flavor Manju

This Japanese manju is made with a dough made of wheat and wrapped with anko. This is the most standard steamed bun with a brown sugar flavor.

One Hour Anko using Pressure Cooker, Easy and Quick

It usually takes about three hours to make Anko, but if you use a pressure cooker, you can make Anko in one hour even with dried azuki beans.
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Recipe for Anko: Easy to Make Anko with Many Ways

I've compiled a list of various recipes, from the regular recipe to the one using a pressure cooker, white bean paste and Uguisu-anko using beans boiled in water.
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Homemade Hard Firm Tofu with Stabilized Soy Milk

Tofu can be made using commercial soy milk. This recipe is for hard firm tofu made from soy milk with the following ingredients: water, soybeans, and stabilizer.
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Homemade Silk Tofu and Choice of Soy Milk

Even overseas, where non-adjustable soy milk is not sold, you can make tofu. This recipe is for silken tofu made from s...
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Homemade Firm Tofu Recipe Choice of Soy Milk

Are you interested in homemade tofu? Is it possible to make tofu using store-bought soy milk outside of Japan? I searched it and did trials.
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How to Make Bittern – Choice and Amount of Powder Nigari

Bittern, Nigari in Japanese, is essential for making tofu. What type of bittern and how much of bittern should we use? It's easy to find.
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Japanese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Recipes

New Year is the most important day of the year in Japan. We eat special dishes with various wishes. Here are the recipes you can cook overseas.

Soba with Pasta Machine – Easest Homemade Soba

We have buckwheat flour, but no soba noodles. This is a recipe for soba noodles that can be easily made with a pasta machine, even overseas.

Okaki, Arare, Fried Rice Cracker with Glutinous Rice Flour

Using glutinous rice flour, you can make okaki and arare. Just by adding green laver, shrimp, curry powder or Yukari, you can make fried rice crackers with various flavors.

Deep-fried and Baked Rice Crackers with Rice Flour

This is a recipe for rice crackers that can be easily made with rice flour. You can add a variety of flavors by simply adding Aonori or small shrimp.
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Sweet Bean Kinton, Simmered Beans for Japanese Osechi

This is a New Year's Day staple in my family, my grandfather's favorite, white beans Kinton. This is a recipe for soft boiled beans with a delicious sticky texture.

Gyuhi and Habutae Mochi – Mochi Sweets with Microwave

Gyuhi and Habutae Mochi are very famous mochi sweets in Japan. It can be made in a microwave oven with glutinous rice flour available at Asian markets.
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Making Mochi with Glutinous Rice Flour in Microwave Oven

Mochi is not ice cream with chewy crust. Only the sticky and chewy crust is mochi. You can make mochi using glutinous rice flour easily.

Tonjiru, Pork Miso Soup with Lots of Vegetables

Tonjiru is pork miso soup with lots of vegetables.I substituted vegetables such as Japanese burdock root, which is hard to find overseas, to make it full of umami.
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Japanese Eggplant with Sweet Sour Sauce, Easy Side Dish

This is a side dish that can be completed in a ziplock container. I recommend to using Japanese eggplant. they become tender and best for this.

Charred Chinese Cabbage and Meatball Soup

This Chinese-style soup is full of flavor from fried Chinese cabbage until browned and chicken dumplings. It is also delicious with vermicelli.

Sesame Soy Milk Nabe Soup – Easy Homemade Hot Pot

Nabe is an essential dish in the Japanese winter. Sesame soy milk hot pot is one of the most popular flavors and perfect for clod winter day!
Enjoy 〇〇 overseas

Eat Pig Tripe and Motsuni, Japanese Tripe Stew Overseas

In Finland, I challenged myself to prepare and eat small & large intestines of pork in order to eat Motsuni, Japanese tripe stewe overseas.pig tripe

Soy Flavoerd Motsuni, Japanese Tripe Stwe with Intestine

It's important to prepare and remove the smell of the tripe before cooking. This recipe is made with soy sauce, simple and tasty motsuni.

Miso Motsuni, Japanese Tripe Stew with Pig Intestine

If you prepar properly, you can eat even stinky tripe. Miso will be even less stinky. This Motsuni has a sweet and salty taste that is comforting.
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Preparing Pork Large and Small Intestines for Stew

Tripe is quite smelly. Here is a method for preparing pork large intestine, small intestine, and other stinky offal to remove the smell.
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Kuromame Black Soybeans – Japanese New Year Osechi

Black soybeans are an indispensable part of Osechi food. Please use black soy beans, which can be bought at Asian markets. Normal black beans are not soy beans.
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Tofu Hardened with Gelatin – Easy to Make with Soy Milk

This recipe for Tofu is easy to make using gelatin and soy milk. You don't need to use salt called Nigari. It's only for cold tofu, hiya yakko.
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