Tonjiru, Pork Miso Soup with Lots of Vegetables

Tonjiru is pork miso soup with lots of vegetables.I substituted vegetables such as Japanese burdock root, which is hard to find overseas, to make it full of umami.

Karaage with Sweet Sour Sauce, Perfect Meal Prep

Normally, karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, with sweet sour sauce. It's a perfect meal prep.

Juicy Salted Karaage: Season and Freeze as Meal Prep

Normal karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, and also tasty. You can season and freeze it for meal prep.

Spicy Pork Curry with Onion and Mushrooms, withou Roux

Once you have gathered the spices, it is easy to make a spicy curry. I added a lot of onions and mushrooms as well as pork.

Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Char shiu

This is an easiest soft chicken char shiu made with chicken breast. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.
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Easy and Simple Tomato Salad with Onion Dressing

Simple and easy, quick to make, yet delicious and nutritious. Just add it to your main dish for a colorful addition.

Stir-Fried Zucchini and Gizzards with Umami Salt

The sweetness of the zucchini enhanced by the simple salt and pepper. With the crunchy texture of the gizzards, it's hard to stop eating.
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Tsukemono, Spicy Pickled Cucumber with Sesame Oil and Garlic

Pickled cucumbers are perfect in hot summer. The sesame oil and garlic stimulates the appetite, and the spiciness of the chili are so nice.

Sweet and Spicy Delicious Pork Rice Bowl, Butadon

There are many kinds of rice bowl dishes in Japan. It is an easy and delicious Butadon recipe. Sweet and spicy pork and onion on rice.
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Tasty, Non-Smelly Chicken Liver Pate, Liver Paste

I got chicken liver from Middle Eastern market and cooked it. If you prepare it well, you can make a delicious liver pate without any smell.
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Finnish Pickled Cucumbers MARINOITU KURKKU

Pickled cucumbers are a common item in Finnish salad bars. Thinly sliced cucumbers are pickled with onions and herbs.

Mapo Harusame, Spicy Fried Vermicelli with Sriracha Sauce

Mapo vermicelli was created in Japan as an adaptation of the Chinese Mapo tofu. This recipe uses tomatoes for a refreshing taste.

Beef Stomach Abomasum, Stewed in Tomatoes

Well prepared abomasum is stewed in tomato sauce with aromatic vegetables. They don't have odor. Enjoy the texture and the taste!
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Easy Rich Hummus with Boiled Chickpeas

Hummus is a healthy and delicious dish. It's good to serve on crackers or as a dip for vegetables. You can cook hummus with boiled chickpeas.
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Easy Rich Hummus with Dried Tomatoes

Hummus is a healthy and delicious dish. If you add dried tomatoes to hummus, the sweetness and umami taste added and becomes great food.

Rusk with Bagel Garlic Butter & Orange Peel

Rusks are usually made with French bread, but bagel became a lovely looking crispy rusk. Enjoy 2 tastes, fresh orange and salty garlic.

Menchikatsu with Plentiful Spring Cabbage

Menchikatsu is Japanese deep fried meatballs with batter. The crispy batter and juicy meat are tasty, and easier to make than korokke.

Spicy Fried Rice with Lao Gan Ma

Fried rice with Lao Gan Ma, a Chinese chili oil. The Chinese pepper is quite strong in Lao Gan Ma, but becomes milder when heated.
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Spicy Egg and Lettuce Stir-Fry with Lao Gan Ma

Lao Gan Ma is a Chinese spicy oil. The combination of sweet egg, crunchy lettuce and spicy Lao Gan Ma is addictive. Perfect friend for beer!

Meat Sauce with Lots of Vegetables

This meat sauce is full of vegetables seasoned with Heinz Worcestershire sauce. Without wheat, the sauce is thick and goes well with pasta.
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Spicy Spring Onion Salad with Sriracha Sauce

This spicy salad is easy to make by simply mixing chopped spring onions with sriracha sauce and seasonings. It's appetizingly delicious.

Ume Plum Soy Seasoned Pork

Pre-seasoning makes the meat tender and juicy, and helps to make home cooking easier. The plums' sourness gives pork an appetizing flavor.

Ume Plum Miso Seasoned Pork

Pre-seasoning makes the meat tender and juicy, and makes cooking easier. Ume plums are sour and give meat, especially pork an appetizing flavor.

Mapo Eggplant

Mapo Eggplant is a Chinese dish, but a Japanese-style version is often eaten as a home cooking. A quick and easy recipe for Mapo eggplant.

Sesame Oil Seasoned Pork

Sesame oil has great scent. It increases our appetite. If you seasoned pork with sesame oil, you will see the magic!
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