Finnish Christmas Recipe

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Graavilohi Gravlax – Salted Salmon from Northern Europe, Finland

The Finnish Christmas appetizer is graavilohi. It is a Nordic salted salmon, also known as gravlax. Just salting salmon is an easy way to enjoy a Nordic Christmas.

Plum Cake – Finnish Christmas Cake with Yoghurt, Egg-free

Plums are an essential fruit for Christmas in Finland. The Finnish plum cake is made with yogurt instead of eggs.

Finnish Date Cake Taatelikakku, Flavor of Coffee or Glögi

The taste of Finnish date cake varies depending on whether coffee or glögi is used. The pureed dates give this fruit cake with a moist texture.

Glögi, Finnish Hot Wine for Christmas, Glühwein

Glögi is the most popular Christmas drink in Finland and the Nordic countries. Here is a basic recipe using cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger.

Finnish Spice Cake – Gingerbread Spice Cake

Gingerbread is a Christmas staple. Gingerbread spices are used not only in cookies but also in cakes. Sprinkle powdered sugar to make it Christmassy.
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Finnish Potato Salad with Diced Pickles and Apples

In Finland, hard potatoes with a firm texture are popular. The potato salad is also chopped into cubes to enjoy the texture of the ingredients.

Finnish Traditional Christmas Gingerbread, Piparkakku

This is a recipe for gingerbread, a Finnish Christmas staple. Each family has its own taste, but this recipe is not too sweet.
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Carrot Casserole, Porkkanalaatikko, Finnish Christmas Food

Laatikko = boxed meal, a Finnish Christmas staple. This is one of them, a slightly sweet carrot casserole. This is made with carrots and rice. It is a nostalgic taste.
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How to Make Gingerbread Spice, for Baking and Latte

Gingerbread spice is used in Finnish and European recipes. If you can't buy it, you can easily make it by mixing a few different spices.
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Finnish Mushroom Salad with Sour Cream, Sienisalaatti

Sienisalaatti, or mushroom salad in Finland, is a salad of mushrooms and sour cream. It is served on bread or crackers.

Joulutorttu, Finnish Traditional Christmas Pastry

Christmas tarts filled with plum jam are a traditional dessert found in every Nordic country. In Finland, it is called Joulutoruttu.

Gingerbread Canapé with Persimmon and Blue Cheese

Gingerbread, persimmons, and blue cheese may be a surprising combination. But it is very delicious. This is a new recipe for Christmas.

Milk Porridge – A Traditional Finnish Christmas Dish

Milk porridge is a symbolic food of Christmas in Finland. The tradition is to put almonds in the pot and whoever hits them gets a present.

Fruit Soup – Finnish Traditonal Sweet Christmas Soup

A sticky soup with dried fruits is Finnish Christmas staple. Fruis soup sounds interesting, but the taste is good. Served with milk porridge.
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Rutabaga Casserole, Lanttulaatikko, Finnish Christmas Food

Laatikko = boxed dishes, a staple of Finnish Christmas. One of them is a slightly sweet rutabaga casserole. Rutabaga is a kind of turnip.
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Perunalaatikko, Potato Casserole, Finnish Christmas Food

Laatikko is a Finnish Christmas staple. One of them is a sweet and tasty potato casserole. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the taste is excellent.
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