chicken thigh


Karaage with Sweet Sour Sauce, Perfect Meal Prep

Normally, karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, with sweet sour sauce. It's a perfect meal prep.

Juicy Salted Karaage: Season and Freeze as Meal Prep

Normal karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, and also tasty. You can season and freeze it for meal prep.

Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Ham, Perfect Meal Prep

This is an easiest soft chicken ham made with chicken breast and thigh. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.

Chicken Namban, Fried Chicken with Vinegar and Tartar Sauce

Chicken Nanban is a dish made in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. Fried chicken is dipped in a sweet sour sauce and topped with tartar sauce.

Ponzu Seasoned Chicken Thigh

The juicy chicken thighs are refreshing with the acidity of ponzu. This chicken is also delicious stir-fried with vegetables.

Chicken Macaroni Gratin

This is a classic macaroni and cheese gratin made with simple ingredients. Works even without white sauce, easy to make and delicious.

KFC Style Fried Chicken with Lots of Spices

KFC has finally came to Finland. Still, we need a homemade KFC recipe that is easy to make at any time. If you haven't tried KFC yet, you should try this recipe.

Lemon Cream Chicken Pasta

Thick cream taste and sour lemon taste match surprisingly well. Easy and quick pasta recipe for those busy or lazy days.

Lemon Soy Seasoned Chicken

Lemon and soy sauce go well with chicken! Fresh taste goes well with both rice and bread. You can stir fry with vegetables also.

Soy Sauce Koji Seasoned Chicken

Soy sauce koji makes chicken tender and juicy. You must be surprised how the chicken changes. This is the easiest, healthiest and most delicious chicken steak!

Oyakodon, Japanese Don Food with Chicken and Egg

Oyako means parents and children. Don means a dish served on rice. This oyako don is a sweet dish with the taste of soy sauce and dashi.

Japanese Chicken Karaage, No Sake, No Mirin

One of the most famous and popular Japanese foods is no doubt chicken karaage. Here's a perfect and easy recipe, without sake and mirin!

Easiest Soft Boiled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast can be cooked in many ways, and it's easy to lose some of the nice texture and taste. Let's boil it soft and juicy easily.

Chicken sukiyaki

This traditional dish from Japan, sukiyaki, is a treat especially for autumn and winter. Served hot straight from the pot.
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