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Satsumaage, 6 Different Types of Japanese Fish Cakes

Satsumaage is a Japanese deep-fried fish cake. It’s common to buy them in Japan, but we can make it by ourselves, and it’s delicious.

Hijiki Seasoned Rice

We have many ways to enjoy rice. Hijiki seasoned rice is one of the most popular seasoned rice recipes. Enjoy the great hijiki & soy taste!
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Gammodoki is Japanese traditional deep-fried tofu cake. It’s good to eat with soy sauce and cook with dashi.

Chicken Macaroni Gratin

This is a classic macaroni and cheese gratin made with simple ingredients. Works even without white sauce, easy to make and delicious.

Beef Tongue Brown Stew

This tongue stew is perfect for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s so tasty.

Ponzu Fried Pork and Vegetables

Ponzu is a Japanese seasoning. We dip sashimi in it, pour on salads and so on. It’s good for stir frying also, and you can make it with simple ingredients.

Lemon Cream Chicken Pasta

Thick cream taste and sour lemon taste match surprisingly well. Easy and quick pasta recipe for those busy or lazy days.

Chukadon, Japanese Don with Pork and Vege

We call this dish as Chuka don, it means don food with a Chinese taste. Starchy pork with vegetables goes well with rice.

Bacon Tomato Cream Pasta

Quick, easy and healthy tomato cream pasta. You can cook the sauce while you are boiling pasta. Without cream, it’s healthy.

brown moose stew

Brown moose stew without ready made roux. With a touch ofcooking science, you can cook a delicious brown stew in about 30minutes.
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Nametake Made with Mushroom, not Enoki

Nametake in Japanese and made with enoki mushroom. This recipe is a version made with champignon with the sweet and salty soy saucy taste.

Chicken sukiyaki

This traditional dish from Japan, sukiyaki, is a treat especially for autumn and winter. Served hot straight from the pot.
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Sweet soy preserved mushroom

Tsukudani is a way of preparing meats, seafoods or vegetables with sugar and soy sauce. In this recipe shiitake is replaced with champignon.
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