Tonjiru, Pork Miso Soup with Lots of Vegetables

Tonjiru is pork miso soup with lots of vegetables.I substituted vegetables such as Japanese burdock root, which is hard to find overseas, to make it full of umami.

Karjalanpaisti – Finnish Beef and Pork Stew Soup

Karjalanpaisti is a classic Finnish home cooking. Simply put meat and vegetables in the oven. This is a delicious stew that is easy to make.

Soy Flavoerd Motsuni, Japanese Tripe Stwe with Intestine

It's important to prepare and remove the smell of the tripe before cooking. This recipe is made with soy sauce, simple and tasty motsuni.

Miso Motsuni, Japanese Tripe Stew with Pig Intestine

If you prepar properly, you can eat even stinky tripe. Miso will be even less stinky. This Motsuni has a sweet and salty taste that is comforting.
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Carrot Casserole, Porkkanalaatikko, Finnish Christmas Food

Laatikko = boxed meal, a Finnish Christmas staple. This is one of them, a slightly sweet carrot casserole. This is made with carrots and rice. It is a nostalgic taste.
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Simmered Chickpeas and Hijiki, No Mirin, No Aburaage

We can buy boiled soybeans in Japan. We don't have it abroad, so I made simmered hijiki with chickpeas. I add mushrooms instead of Aburaage.

Lamb Meatball Soup with Barley and No Bouillon

I made a slightly ethnic meatball soup using lamb meat. This soup has a simple and gentle taste of the ingredients and spices.

Thick Japanese Curry with Curry Powder, without Roux

The key for thick Japanese curry without curry roux or flour is to cook potato till falling apart. Less fat and more healthy Japanese curry.
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Carrot Rape with Dried Tomato

A colorful carrot rape with dried tomatoes. It can be eaten raw or lightly cooked to reduce the bulk and make it easier to eat.

Beef Stomach Abomasum, Stewed in Tomatoes

Well prepared abomasum is stewed in tomato sauce with aromatic vegetables. They don't have odor. Enjoy the texture and the taste!

Crispy Tempura with All Types of Flour

You can make crispy tempura with any types of flour! Just add potato starch, and the tempura become crispy. Easy and no-fail tempura recipe!

Easy Carrot Cake with Lots of Spices

I fell in love with carrot cake in Finland. This carrot cake is not too sweet, full of carrot, nuts and spice, and easy to cook!

Dashimaki Tamago using Microwave

Dashimaki tamago is a Japanese omelet with dashi. Dashimaki is cooked in a square pan, but using a microwave oven makes it easy and fluffy.

Meat Sauce with Lots of Vegetables

This meat sauce is full of vegetables seasoned with Heinz Worcestershire sauce. Without wheat, the sauce is thick and goes well with pasta.

Sweet Sour Chicken Wings

The chicken wings are stir-fried with vegetables, and a sweet and sour sauce gives it an appetizing taste. Sweet and sour suits chicken wings!

Nikujaga, Japanese Simmered Pork and Potato

Nikujaga, Japanese Simmered Pork and Potato is one of the most popular home cooking. This recipe is the easiest and quickest nikujaga.
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Satsumaage, 6 Different Types of Japanese Fish Cakes

Satsumaage is a Japanese deep-fried fish cake. It’s common to buy them in Japan, but we can make it by ourselves, and it’s delicious.

Hijiki Seasoned Rice

We have many ways to enjoy rice. Hijiki seasoned rice is one of the most popular seasoned rice recipes. Enjoy the great hijiki & soy taste!
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Gammodoki is Japanese traditional deep-fried tofu cake. It’s good to eat with soy sauce and cook with dashi.

Beef Tongue Brown Stew

This tongue stew is perfect for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s so tasty.

Chukadon, Japanese Don with Pork and Vege

We call this dish as Chuka don, it means don food with a Chinese taste. Starchy pork with vegetables goes well with rice.
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Sweet Soy Shirataki Kimpira

Most common way to cook gluten-free and super healthy shirataki is kimpira. Sweet soy and sauce taste of this recipe goes well with white rice.
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vermicelli sesame salad

You don’t need a pan for this recipe. Just cut and mix, you can then enjoy a healthy and easy salad made from vermicelli and vegetables.

Carrot dressing

Sweet and sour dressing from raw carrot. A cold recipe, useful when you want a delicious counterpart for fried or deep fried oily foods.

Nanban Zuke, Japanese Sweet Sour Pickled Fish n Vege

Nanban Duke is sweet sour pickled fried fish and vege. Horse mackerel and salmon are used in Japan. In Finland, I use Muikku and Silakka.
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