Steamed Buns with Anko, Raw Sugar Flavor Manju

This Japanese manju is made with a dough made of wheat and wrapped with anko. This is the most standard steamed bun with a brown sugar flavor.

One Hour Anko using Pressure Cooker, Easy and Quick

It usually takes about three hours to make Anko, but if you use a pressure cooker, you can make Anko in one hour even with dried azuki beans.
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Recipe for Anko: Easy to Make Anko with Many Ways

I've compiled a list of various recipes, from the regular recipe to the one using a pressure cooker, white bean paste and Uguisu-anko using beans boiled in water.

Anpan, Japanese Anko Bread

Anpan is one of the most popular Japanese bread. Normal anpan is a bun filled with anko. This recipe is for delicious and cute anpan.

White, Green and Matcha Anko with Canned Navy Beans and Peas

The easiest recipe for anko using canned beans. You can use navy beans for white and matcha anko, and green peas for green anko, uguisu an.

Anko Shokupan

Shokuban is the most popular bread in Japan. Anko rolled shokupan has a gentle flavor. Toasting the anko shokupan makes it more delicious.

Japanese flavoured Laskiaispulla

Laskiaispulla, semla in Swedish, is eaten mainly on Shrove Tuesday. Here are peculiar Japanese flavoured Laskiaspullas with Anko and Matcha.

An-Butter Toast

An-butter toast is a toasted shokupan topped with anko and butter. An-butter toast is from Nagoya, Japan, and can be found in several cafes.

Joulutorttu, Finnish Traditional Christmas Pastry

Christmas tarts filled with plum jam are a traditional dessert found in every Nordic country. In Finland, it is called Joulutoruttu.
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