Easy Homemade Sesame Tofu with Starch and Tahini


How Sesame Tofu Solidifies

Although sesame tofu is named after tofu, it hardens in a different way than tofu. Here, I will explain why sesame tofu hardens with starch.

Starch Does NOT Dissolve in Water

First of all, potato starch does not dissolve in cold water. In the case of potato starch in water, which is often used in cooking, the potato starch immediately sinks even if it is mixed thoroughly. This shows that potato starch is not soluble in water.

However, when the potato starch is heated, it can be used to thicken food. Let’s take a look at what is happening here.

Heating Makes it Starchy

Starch is made up of chains of glucose sugars that are tightly folded together.
Normally, there is a strong force called hydrogen bonding between these chains. Therefore, the chains do not come apart.

When starch is heated, these hydrogen bonds are broken. Aand the folded chains are loosened. Water will enter the space between the broken chains.

This change is called gelatinization. As the name implies, it is a change that results in a sticky substance like glue.

When gelatinized starch is cooled, water does not come out immediately. This is the mechanism that makes it possible to produce sticky sesame tofu.

Tahini Tend to Be Lumpy

If you add a large amount of water to tahini at once, water will not mix well and tahin will become lumpy. As you know that sesame oil is extracted from sesame, sesame contains a lot of oil. Therefore, it is natural that they do not mix well with water.

Once they become lumps, it is extremely difficult to dissolve them. So, first add the potato starch and seasonings, and mix well. If you add water little by little, you can mix the ingredients evenly without lumps.

If the mixture becomes lumpy, it is okay to mix it thoroughly while it is heating. But I recommend that you mix it a little more carefully to get a smooth texture.


Easy Homemade Sesame Tofu with Potato Starch and Tahini

You can make sesame tofu very easily with sesame paste and potato starch. Tasty and healthy side dish. It tastes good with a sweet sauce.
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Rest After Cook1 hr
Servings4 people
  • tahini 50 g
  • potato starch 25 g
  • soy sauce 1 tsp
  • brown sugar 1 tsp
  • dashi powder 1/2 tsp
  • water 200 g
Electronic scales
Measuring spoon
Frying pan
Silicone spatula for frying
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