How to Make Konjac with Konjac Powder: How to Use


How do you make konjac? You can make konjac from konjac powder in a few hours. Delicious konjac recipes will also be introduced.


Easy to Make Konjac

In fact, it is very easy to make konjac. You can make quite a lot of konjac from a small amount of konjac powder, but if you keep it in the water in which you boil it, you can store it for about a month.

It takes time, but the process itself is not very complicated. The best part is that the freshly made konjac is much more tasty than the store-bought konjac.

Why Konjac Solified

In a word, the mechanism of konjac solidification is “colloidal salting out”.

Glucomannan, the main ingredient of konjac, forms a colloid (hydrophilic colloid) when dissolved in water. This colloid is stable and cannot be easily solidified. Therefore, a strong basic coagulant is added to solidify the konjac. This method of precipitating the hydrophilic colloid by adding a large amount of electrolyte is called salting out.

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How to Make Konjac with Konjac Powder

Sheet konjac is not easily found abroad. If you make it from konjac powder, you can make a lot at once and store it for a month. Above all, it is delicious.
Prep Time30 mins
Rest Before Cook2 hrs
Cook Time30 mins
Rest After Cook3 hrs
Servings10 sheets
  • cold water 1200 mL
  • boiling water 600 mL
  • konjac powder (reference product) 50 g
  • water 100 mL
  • coagulant (or baking soda) 2 g
  • spatula
  • disposable rubber gloves
  • a large pot (NOT alminium)
  • flat container (used as a mold)
Shirataki is sold as a gluten-free noodle, but I don’t see konjac in the market. Then it’s best to make it yourself. I like it better than commercial konnyaku because it’s less harsh and can be made in large quantities at one time. I feel like I’m making a craft or playing in the mud rather than cooking.
If you add hijiki, aonori or powdered red pepper, you can add color like commercial konnyaku.
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