Burmese Chickpea Tofu – Tofu WITHOUT Soy


Recipe for Burmese Tofu, Chickpea Tofu. You can make it without soy. It is vegan, dairy free, and plant based recipe.


Many Kinds of Tofu

Recently in Finland, tofu has become available in large supermarkets. Thank you for the vegan boom. The quality is not bad either.

However, it is very expensive. It is not a food that you can use casually like tofu in Japan.

Tofu in Asian Market

Also, you can buy tofu at Asian markets. However, they are mainly made in China.

Tofu from Asian Market
Tofu from Asian Market

The one on the left side of the picture is firm tofu. But it is quite sour.

The one on the right is soft tofu. This one can be used for cooking without any problem.

Making Tofu from Soy Milk

So, I made tofu using various soy milk sold abroad. As a result, we found that it is important to use soy milk that does not contain pH adjusters.

However, we could not produce tofu with a smooth texture. Could we make it somehow?


Tofu WITHOUT Soybeans

In Japan, there are many foods named tofu. For example, sesame tofu, peanut tofu, etc.

This time, I made tofu with chickpeas. This tofu is also called Burmese tofu.


Points for Chickpea Tofu

There are some important points to successful chickpea tofu. To understand this, let us first consider the mechanism of chickpea curd hardening.

For example, tofu hardens through protein denaturation. And sesame tofu hardens by starch glueing.

In fact, chickpea tofu uses both of these. For more information, see this post.

Failure with Chickpea Tofu

What is the most common failure when making chickpea tofu? It’s that it doesn’t firm up. So, what is the cause of chickpea curd not firming up?

There are two possible reasons:

  • Used boiled chickpeas
  • Mixed too much with blender

For more detailed reasons, see this article.

The Key to Success

Finally, let’s go over the key points of making chickpea tofu.

  • Use dried chickpeas.
  • Do not use the boiled chickpeas.
  • Use water to slowly rehydrate dried chickpeas.
  • Do not over mix in a blender.


Burmese Chickpea Tofu – Tofu WITHOUT Soy

Recipe for Burmese Tofu, Chickpea Tofu. You can make it without soy. It is vegan, dairy free, and plant based recipe.
Prep Time5 mins
Rest Before Cook8 hrs
Cook Time30 mins
KeywordSide, Salad, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free
Servings2 people
  • dried chickpeas 100 g
  • cold water 300 mL
Electronic scales
Measuring cup
Hand blender
Cloth for squeezing
Silicone spatula
Key Points for Success
  • Always use dried chickpeas. Do not use boiled chickpeas.
  • Slowly rehydrate the dried chickpeas with cold water.
  • Do not over mix with blender.
The day before
  • Measure dried chickpeas and cold water. Always use dried chickpeas, not boiled ones.
  • Place chickpeas and water in a bowl and refrigerate overnight.
  • Place all the chickpeas and water in the bowl in a blender. You can use a food processor or hand blender.
  • Blend the chickpeas in the blender. Grind for up to 3 minutes at longest.
  • Cover the pan with a cloth and pour in all the contents of the blender.
  • Using the cloth, squeeze the chickpea paste hard to extract the liquid. The remaining bean curd can be used in another dish.
  • Place the pot over low-medium heat. Stir constantly, scraping the bottom with a silicone spatula.
  • When the mixture becomes sticky, stir more carefully to prevent lumps from forming.
  • When the mixture becomes the consistency of custard cream, remove from heat.
  • Place in a container and refrigerate until ready to serve.
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