Aburaage – Thin Sliced Fried Tofu


Aburaage - Thin Sliced Fried Tofu

Aburaage is deep-fried thin sliced tofu. It’s good to eat with soy sauce and ground ginger, also a good ingredient for many recipes!
Prep Time10 mins
Rest Before Cook30 mins
20 mins
Servings4 people
  • tofu (1 package) 300 g
  • frying oil
  • fryer or pot for deep fry
  • frying tong
  • kitchen paper
  • Warm up the oil. See note below about the differences in frying temperature.
  • Cut the Tofu See note below about the thickness.
  • Fry until the surface is golden brown.
  • Dry it with it with kitchen paper and enjoy! Can be cut to preferred size and frozen for future cooking. You can also use it as an ingredient for cook rice and stew.
Abura-age is an indispensable part of cooked rice and boiled vegetables. Freeze-dried and otherwise preserved versions are available in Japan, but it is easier to enjoy more often if you can make it with ingredients available locally. Strictly speaking, the ingredients for abura-age are not the same as those for tofu but living abroad does not give room for such strict thinking.
The lower the temperature for frying tofu, the fluffier it will become. The higher the temperature, the crispier it will become
This is a comparison of the textures of different thicknesses of tofu.

The two pieces of tofu on the left side are fried at 150°C and the ones on the right side are fried at 190°C. The top pieces are 3 mm thick and the bottom pieces are 1 cm thick.
I made the 3mm ones with the intention of using them as an ingredient for cooking, for example for steamed rice. I found the ones fried at 190 degrees Celsius to be crispy and tasty. But be careful not to accidentally over-fry them, as they will become hard like rice crackers.
The 1 cm ones were made to be eaten as is. The one fried at 190 degrees Celsius is crispy on the outside, but it seems to have lost moisture on the inside.
However, each person has their own preferences, so be sure to find the thickness and temperature that you prefer.
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