How to Make Sushi Rice, Rice with Vinegar


Sushi is a big boom in Finland. Sushi restaurants can be found in every town, and you can buy sushi by weight at the supermarket.

However, I’m from Sushi country, and it is difficult to be satisfied with the quality. It is often the case that Japanese people talk to each other about how good this restaurant is and how not so good that restaurant is. Especially when it comes to the quality of the sushi rice, it’s hard to find something that satisfies me.

Then one day, I realized it. If there is no good sushi, why don’t I just make my own? Fortunately, fresh, raw salmon is always available here. Then all I had to do was to make the sushi rice. So, I made a recipe for sushi rice.

I don’t have a Japanese measuring cup for rice, so even if the recipe says 2 gou, the Japanese unit for rice, it’s not easy. So I converted the rice into volume, and all the seasonings were put together by weight.

By the way, I was surprised when I ate this sushi. I don’t feel thirsty after eating. When I was in Japan, I always felt thirsty after eating sushi at any sushi restaurant, but maybe it was the high salt content.

How to Make Sushi Rice, Rice with Vinegar

Sushi and Kaisendon go well with sushi rice, rice with vinegar. Here’s a recipe for sushi rice that can be measured by volume and tastes great.
Prep Time5 mins
Rest Before Cook30 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Servings3 people
  • rice (*2) 300 mL
  • water 360 mL
  • vinegar (5% vinegar, *3) 40 g
  • brown sugar 5 g
  • salt 3 g
A large enough bowl
rice scoop(*1)
If you do not have a rice scoop, use a wooden spatula or a hard silicon spatula.
For sushi, please use sushi rice or Japanese rice.
Rice in Finland
Finnish likes rice and eat rice a lot. What is different from Japanese rice? Where can we buy? How to use? All things about rice in Finland!
I use the Finnish vinegar for pickles and that is 10%. In that case, add 20g vinegar and 20g water.
Vinegar in Finland
Is the vinegar sold in Finland different from the vinegar sold in Japan? The ingredients are the same, but something is actually different.
I once mixed it in a pot, but it didn’t mix well around the bottom helix. It’s a little tedious, but prepare a large bowl and mix it there.
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