How to Prepare Offal and Remove Odor Certainly


Preparation is vital for offal. When you prepare it, milk is the best way to reliably remove the odor. This page introduces how to process various parts of the organs, including the heart, kidneys, and giara.

Offal in Finland

You can buy several offal at the markets in Finland. The most common ones are as follows


  • Tongue
  • Heart
  • Kidney


  • Tongue
  • Liver

When I traveled to the southern Finland, I saw pig’s feet and other offal in large supermarkets. Perhaps, more offal is sold in some areas.


Preparation is Vital

When you cook offal, preparation is vital. In Japan, the smell is quite mild. However, it is still important to prep the offal.

However, the offal is a different thing. The smell of offal is quite strong. If it is not handled correctly, the whole house will be filled with the smell of offal.

Milk to Remove the Odor

There are several ways to remove the smell of offal. The four most common are as follows

  • Sprinkle with salt
  • Boil in vinegar
  • Soak in milk
  • Soak in alcohol

Since alcohol is expensive in Finland, I tried all three except liquor. As a result, milk was the best.

On the other hand, the worst is boiling in vinegar. Boiling creates stinky steam that fills the whole house with odor. So, I do not recommend it at all.

Various Offal Preparations

Now let’s review the various methods of pre-processing offal.

The general process is as follows

  • Wash
  • Drain the blood
  • Remove the smell
  • Boil

Pork Heart

At first, let’s start with the pork heart. Pork hearts have no odor and are fairly easy to eat. After cutting it into pieces, simply soak it in water to remove the blood. In addition, there is no need to pre-boil it.

For more detailed information on how to prepare pork heart, please click here.

Pork Kidneys

Next, let’s look at pork kidneys. The white urine line on the inside is quite smelly. But if you remove it thoroughly and remove the odor, it will be fine. Milk is perfect to remove the odor

For detailed instructions on how to prepare pork kidneys, click here.

Pork Small and Large Intestines

Pork small intestine has little odor. However, it is a little harder to wash.

Pork large intestine has a strong smell. Obviously, You need to soak it in milk to remove the smell. In Japan, we used to eat it as yakiniku, but the one from overseas is quite smelly and we do not want to use it as yakiniku.

For more information on how to prepare pork small intestine and large intestine, click here.


Abomasum is the fourth stomach of the cow. And, it is by far the stinkiest of the offal listed here. Do not pre-boil it as it is. First of all, be sure to soak it in milk to remove the smell.

For more information on how to prepare abomasum, please click here.

Achilles Tendon

You can buy Achilles tendon in Asian market. It is very easy to pre-cook them in a pressure cooker. And, It is very tasty.

For more information on how to prepare Achilles tendon, click here.

No Need for Fear

Preparing the offal is very important. Make sure they are well processed and cooked well.


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