Japanese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Recipes


Of course Christmas is important, but for Japanese people, New Year is the most important day of the year. We eat special dishes with various wishes. This is a recipe that I devised so that it can be made overseas.

Handmade soba and udon noodles, crispy tempura, rice cakes and rice crackers are all easy to make with ingredients you are familiar with.


New Year’s Eve Soba

Compared to udon or ramen, making soba requires more skill. If you want to eat soba at the end of the year, but feel that making soba is too much work, this no-knead soba will help. By slightly increasing the ratio of flour, you can easily make handmade soba with a pasta machine, even if you have no experience in making soba.

No-knead Udon and Ramen

If you don’t have access to buckwheat flour, I recommend the no-knead udon and ramen. Just put it in a bag and mix it the day before you eat it, and you will have udon or ramen with perfect texture.

Crispy Tempura with Bread Flour

All flour sold in Finland is strong flour, bread flour. It has a lot of gluten and tends to retain moisture. So if you fry tempura using the Japanese recipe, it will be sticky and oily. In such a case, just add some potato starch to the batter and you will have crispy tempura.

Mochi with Glutinous Rice Flour

Mochi is also a luxury item overseas. However, if you use glutinous rice flour available at Asian markets, you can easily make mochi. The key is to use hot water for kneading. If you use water in your recipe, it will take longer to heat in the microwave and it will easily become lumpy. We also recommend the best cooking utensils for making rice cakes.
Making Mochi with Glutinous Rice Flour in Microwave Oven
Mochi is not ice cream with chewy crust. Only the sticky and chewy crust is mochi. You can make mochi using glutinous rice flour easily.
Gyuhi and Habutae Mochi - Mochi Sweets with Microwave
Gyuhi and Habutae Mochi are very famous mochi sweets in Japan. It can be made in a microwave oven with glutinous rice flour available at Asian markets.

Rice Crackers with Rice Flour

Sweet Black Soybeans & Mamekinton


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