Karaage with Sweet Sour Sauce, Perfect Meal Prep


Chicken Breast is Major

When it comes to chicken meat in Finland, chicken breast is popular. Thanks to this, my favoirite thigh meat is cheaper than breast meat.

The most common type of thigh meat is the bone-in, whole leg. These days, you can buy a 100 gram slice of thigh meat without born and skin. I often see them discounted as the expiration is close. As for me, I am grateful that I can buy my favorite thigh meat at a reasonable price, but I am worried that they will stop selling it someday. I want to be proactive in promoting the benefits of thigh meat.

Four Types of Karaage

I’m sure each Japanese family has their own recipe for fried chicken.

The most popular one in my family is a very common type of karaage with sweet and soy seasoning. I wrote “very common”, but it is sweeter than normal. My grandmother’s seasoning was sweet, and I love it.
Japanese Chicken Karaage, No Sake, No Mirin
One of the most famous and popular Japanese foods is no doubt chicken karaage. Here's a perfect and easy recipe, without sake and mirin!
Sometimes, I also make pork karaage with the same seasoning. This is a recipe I made when I had trouble finding chicken thighs soon after arriving in Finland.
Pork Karaage, No Sake, No Mirin
These chunky pieces of pork karaage are seasoned mouth-watering with a rich sweet&salty marinade of ginger and garlic. Cooked karaage-style.
And sometimes I want to eat salted karaage and sweet and sour sauce karaage. I really like this one because I can enjoy two different tastes at once.
Juicy Salted Karaage: Season and Freeze as Meal Prep
Normal karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, and also tasty. You can season and freeze it for meal prep.

Karaage with Sweet Sour Sauce, Perfect Meal Prep

Normally, karaage is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. This is simple salty taste, with sweet sour sauce. It’s a perfect meal prep.
Prep Time5 mins
Rest Before Cook20 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Servings2 people
  • chicken thighs 400 g
  • salt 4 g
  • brown sugar 4 g
  • water 20 g
  • ginger 8 g
  • garlic (if you like) 8 g
  • pepper
Sweet Sour Sauce
  • soy sauce 2 Tbsp
  • brown sugar 2 Tbsp
  • vinegar (5%) 2 Tbsp
For topping
  • roasted sesame seeds
For frying
  • deep-frying oil
  • potato starch
Electronic scales
Cutting board
plastic bag
Kitchen paper
  • Grate the ginger and garlic.
  • Put all the seasonings in a plastic bag and mix well.
  • Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.
  • Add the chicken and toss well to coat with the seasoning.
  • Let sit in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to a day. Can be frozen in this state.
The seasoning is also delicious with garlic. Personally, I like salted karaage with garlic, and regular karaage without garlic.
After the preparation process, it is convenient to let the flavors blend in the refrigerator and then freeze it so that you can thaw it and start cooking right away. When I buy meat, I try to season it this way and that before freezing it.
Carefully wipe off the water from the meat. A thin coat of potato starch is all that is needed. If you do this process carefully, you will end up with crispy fried chicken.
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