No-Knead Pizza Dough From Quick Rise to Sourdough


No-knead pizza dough can be made with quick rise or long fermenting to sourdough, depending on the amount of yeast.


No-Knead Bread

Of course, if you can make no-knead bread, you can also make no-knead pizza dough. No-knead pizzas can be fermented quickly or fermented for a long time to make sourdough, depending on the amount of yeast.

Quick Rise No-knead Pizza Dough

It takes at least 1.5 hours to make no-knead pizza dough, and after 1.5 hours, the dough will noticeably change.

This is when I used bread flour with a protein content of 12% and a fine grind for bread at a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The properties of flour change depending on the protein content and the size of the particles. Naturally, the time it takes to make the dough will vary.

If you want quick rise no-knead pizza dough, use a flour with as high a protein content and as fine particle size as possible.

Note that the quick rise no-knead pizza dough doesn’t taste like sourdough. The texture of the crust or the dough’s stickiness is almost same, but the taste is definitely different!

Sourdough No-knead Pizza

If you want to make sourdough pizza, no-knead pizza dough is the best choice. Use the same amount of dough as for no-knead bread and let it ferment slowly for about half a day.

The flavor of sourdough can only be created by slow fermentation.

No Knead Udon and Ramen


No-Knead Pizza Dough From Quick Rise to Sourdough

If you can make no-knead bread, you can make no-knead pizza dough. It’s quicker and easier than bread, and you can make the best pizza with a crispy outside and a fluffy inside.
Prep Time5 mins
Rest Before Cook2 hrs
Cook Time30 mins
Servings1 people
  • bread flour 200 g
  • dry yeast 3 g
  • salt 3 g
  • water 160 g
  • olive oil 1 Tbsp
Electronic scales
Silicone spatula
plastic wrap
Parchment paper
  • The amount of dry yeast depends on the fermentation time.
    1g→8-12 hours, 2g→4-6 hours, 3g→2-3 hours.
  • 1g, 8-12 hours rise tastes sourdough.
  • 2 or 3g tastes normal bread, not sourdough, but the texture is almost same.
  • Put the flour, dry yeast, and salt in a bowl and mix well.
  • Add water and mix thoroughly until no longer powdery.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and leave to ferment at room temperature (15-25℃) for 2-3 hours, or your target time.
  • Fermentation is complete when the dough has doubled in size.
  • Mix the dough several times by scooping it up from the bottom, being careful not to break the gluten.
  • Lay out a cookie sheet and drop the dough in the middle.
  • Drizzle olive oil over the dough.
  • Gently pat the dough to spread it out. If you want the dough to be fluffy inside like bread, the diameter should be about 20 cm, if you want it crispy, about 30 cm.
  • Top with the topping and bake in a 275-300°C oven until well browned.
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