Ricotta Cheese – Homemade Cheese from Whey

Ricotta cheese, along with cottage cheese, is one of the easiest cheeses to make by hand. The process of making ricotta cheese is the same as that of cottage cheese. For more information, please see the page on cottage cheese.
Cottage Cheese - Easy Homemade Cheese with Vinegar
Cottage cheese is a simple cheese that can be made by adding vinegar and lemon juice to milk. This article also mentions how cheese is made.

Ricotta Cheese is Different from Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese are made the same way, but the ingredients are different.

Cottage cheese is made from cow’s milk, while ricotta cheese is made from the whey after the cheese is made. In other words, cottage cheese contains mainly casein, while ricotta cheese contains mainly whey protein.

The whey protein in whey dissolves better in water than casein. Therefore, before adding the vinegar, it is heated to a much higher temperature, which changes the shape of the protein. This is called thermal denaturation of the protein.

You Can Only Make a Little

I used the whey after making Leipäjuusto to make ricotta cheese. Leipäjuusto is made with an enzyme called rennet. So the whey will contain very little casein and mainly whey protein. For more information on Leipäjuusto. bread cheese, click here.
Finnish Bread Cheese - Homemade Leipäjuusto
Leipäjuusto, Bread cheese served with cloudberry jam is a famous Finnish dish. You can make at home as long as you have access to rennet, an enzyme for cheese.

After making Leipäjuusto with 1L of milk, there was about 800mL of whey left over. Heat this as the recipe says, add vinegar, and strain through a coffee filter. The cheese grains were so small that it took quite a while to strain them. The result was 40 grams of ricotta cheese, just enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

That’s all there is? I was surprised, but let’s think about it. Milk contains about 3.3% protein. Of that, about 80% is casein and about 20% is whey protein. In other words, whey protein is about 0.66% of milk. So you can only get a little.

Ricotta cheese is known as a way to reuse whey. However, only a small amount of ricotta cheese can be made from it. Some recipes say to add milk to increase the yield, but as the yield increases, so does the whey. The whey should be drunk quietly or used for bread and baked goods.


Ricotta Cheese – Homemade Cheese from Whey

Ricotta cheese is a cheese made from whey. Only a small amount of ricotta cheese can be made from whey. However, it has a great taste and texture.
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time2 hrs
Servings1 人分
  • whey 1 L
  • vinegar (5%) 4 Tbsp
Measuring spoon
Frying pan
Silicone spatula
Coffee dripper
Coffee filte
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