Garlic Miso Paste


Garlic miso paste

Miso is a traditional seasoning from Japan. It's produced by fermenting soybeans, this is a version for those with a taste for garlic.
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Rest After Cook3 d
  • miso paste 300 g
  • garlic (one medium sized garlic) 30 g
  • soy sauce 2 tablespoon
  • brown sugar 2 tablespoon
  • rough ground dried red pepper 1 teaspoon
other necessary stuff
  • glass jar
  • Sterilize the glass jar and lid, for example boil them in water or heat in the oven.
  • Peel garlic and cut away the hard part at the base of the clove. Combine miso paste, soy sauce, brown sugar and red pepper in the jar and mix well. Add garlic cloves.
  • Mix well. Cover with lid and preserve in the fridge. Miso paste is ready to be used after 1 week, and garlic after 2 weeks.
●We can sometimes find foods at super discounts in the big supermarket. For example, a box filled with different fruits and vegetables for 2e, a plastic bag filled with spring onion for 0.5e or 1e. Nice way for the markets to fight food waste. We once found a plastic bag with lots of garlic, so we made garlic soy sauce, garlic miso and garlic olive oil. It's very useful to prepare seasonings like this. Once you make it, it’s there for you when you need it. I'll tell you about other seasonings in another post.
●Garlic miso works nicely with salmon. We’ll tell you the recipe when your garlic miso is ready!
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