Roasted Soybeans, An Easy-to-Make Healthy Snack

I realized that I could make my own kinako, soybean powder, and when I tried it. Then I realized that I could also make roasted soybean snack!
How to Make Homemade Kinako, Soybean Powder
Kinako is roasted soybeans ground into powder. It is often used in Japanese sweets. If you have soybeans, you can easily make it yourself.

For kinako, I roasted the soybeans directly in the oven. It’s not a problem because I make it into a powder. But it’s too hard to eat as it is. For roasted soybeans, they need to be soaked in water from the day before so that they absorb enough water.

Roasted soybeans are commonly used as beans for Setsubun. It’s a day to devide the season, and we through the roasted beans to pray for our health and happiness. At the same time, in Setsubun, we eat as many soybeans as our age. And I liked roasted soybeans so much that I used to take care of the rest of the soybeans every year. Now that I know that I can make my own roasted soybeans, my QOL has gone up considerably. I am writing this article while eating roasted soybeans for breakfast.

I love roasted soybeans, but I also love them with sugar on them. When I was a child, they were often included in hina-arare. I don’t like hina-arare that much, but I loved these sugar-coated soybeans so much that I used to look for them and eat them.
Sugar Coated Soybean, Healthy Snacks
Roasted soybeans coated with sugar, traditional snacks in Japan. It is a slightly sweet and crunchy snack that you can't stop eating.

Roasted Soybeans, An Easy-to-Make Healthy Snack

Roasted soybeans, popular as beans for Setsubun, can be easily made at home. The only ingredient is soybeans, so it is a very healthy snack.
Prep Time5 mins
Rest Before Cook6 hrs
Cook Time1 hr
Servings100 g soybeans
  • soybeans 100 g
The day before
  • Wash the soybeans, put them in four times the amount of water, and put them in the refrigerator. Let them absorb water overnight.
  • Preheat the oven to 175°C.
You can also use roasted soybeans to make sugar-coated soybeans. They are called “Genji Mame”, and are a bean snack often found in hina-arare.
Be sure to heat them slowly to remove the water from the beans well. Deeply cooked ones are especially good for sugar-coated soybeans.
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