Types of Rice Flour Overseas and Dango Dumpling Recipe


Rice Flour and Glutinous Rice Flour

There are two types of rice flour sold in Asian markets: 粘米粉, rice flour in blue bags and 糯米粉, glutinous rice flour in green bags.

You can also find red bags, which look like tapioca flour.

The blue bag of rice flour is made from Uruchi rice, which is equivalent to Japanese Joshin-ko. It is commonly called “rice flour”.
The green bag of glutinous rice flour is made from glutinous rice. Some people say that the green bag is Shiratama-ko. However, it must be mochi-ko because it’s jsut flour of glutinous rice.

The properties and cooking methods of mochi-ko and shiratama-ko are almost the same. Also, this glutinous rice flour is quite fine grained. So, it is no problem to use it as shiratama-ko.
For more information on the difference between mochi-ko and shiratama-ko, please check here.
Type of Rice Flour Used in Japanese Cooking
Shiratama, Mochi, Joshin, Dango... So many types of rice flour is used in Japanese cooking, What's the difference?

Recipe for Dango, Rice dumplings

There are several ways to make dango dumplings.
If you use only joshin-ko, you will need to knead the dough with hot water, steam it, and knead it again.
If you use dango-ko, you can make dumplings simply by kneading the dough with water and boiling it in hot water. Dango-ko is made from a combination of Joshin-ko and mochi-ko. The morejoshin-ko, the crisper the dumpling will be, and the more mochi-ko, the stickier the dumpling will be.
The dumplings sold in convenience stores are sweeter than those made with dango-ko. This is because sugar is added to the dumplings to keep them moist and keep the α-starch intact. If you have some time between making and eating the dumplings, you can add a small amount of sugar.

Dango Made with Rice Flour and Glutinous Rice Flour

You can make Dango, Japanese rice dumplings by using rice flour and glutinous rice flour, which is sold at Asian markets.
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time15 mins
KeywordDessert, 15mins
Servings16 pieces
  • rice flour (joshin-ko, *1) 50 g
  • glutinous rice flour (mochi-ko, shiratama-ko, *1) 50 g
  • water 75 g
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