Recipe for Anko: Easy to Make Anko with Many Ways


Since moving to Finland, I’ve been researching how to make anko easily abroad. I’ve compiled a list of various recipes, from the regular recipe to the one using a pressure cooker, white bean paste and Uguisu-anko using beans boiled in water.


Regular Anko Recipe

This is the most standard recipe for Anko. It starts with boiling the dried beans slowly and takes 3-4 hours to make anko. The bean grains remain nicely.
How to Cook Anko, Japanese Sweet Bean Paste
Anko, sweet beans paste, made by slow-boiling azuki beans, is indispensable for Japanese sweets. It goes well with both bread and pie.

Anko Using Pressure Cooker

This is a quick recipe for Anko using a pressure cooker. The azuki grains are quite crumbly, but it tastes great. This is a good way to make oshiruko or zenzai.
One Hour Anko using Pressure Cooker, Easy and Quick
It usually takes about three hours to make Anko, but if you use a pressure cooker, you can make Anko in one hour even with dried azuki beans.

White Anko with Dried Beans

This is a standard way to make white anko using dried beans. The recipe calls for butter beans, but in Japan, white kidney beans are used. Butter beans are also a type of kidney bean, so the taste is almost the same.
White Anko and Matcha Anko with Butter Beans
I made white anko with butter beans, and it turned out to be delicious. A little tip, add matcha green tea to make matcha anko.

Anko with Canned Beans

This is a recipe for white anko and uguisu anko made with navy beans and green peas. Even though you need to remove the skins, it is quite easy to make these anko.
White, Green and Matcha Anko with Canned Navy Beans and Peas
The easiest recipe for anko using canned beans. You can use navy beans for white and matcha anko, and green peas for green anko, uguisu an.

Types of Beans You Can Buy Abroad

The Story of Making Anko Overseas

This is a story about making a prototype of Anko using a variety of beans. Can black kidney beans, which are similar in color, be used as a substitute for azuki beans?
Enjoy Anko Overseas
This is the story of me and Anko. In order to make Anko overseas, I tried azuki beans and many other beans. Let's enjoy Anko together!

Recipes using Anko


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