Portofolio Risa(Ahi)


Risa(Ahi) is a food blogger and science writer, the owner of “Piece of Oishi”.


Who I Am

My name is Risa, from Japan.

Risa studied material science at university and graduate school.

Risa was science and chemistry teacher in Japanese junior high and high school for 5 years.

Now, Risa lives in Tampere, Finland.


What I Did

Risa is the owner of “Piece of Oishi”.
Piece of Oishi is not normal food blog. Piece of Oishi is full of cooking and science insights.

  1. Japanese Recipes for outside Japan
    Japanese recipes call for many Japanese ingredients, especially Mirin, cooking sake, dashi and so on. They are difficult to purchase outside Japan. Risa makes many Japanese recipes without special ingredients.
    Easy Simple Japanese Recipes from Scratch & Cooking Science
    As a Japanese living abroad, I have created delicious Japanese recipes using a minimum of ingredients. Also for Vegetarian & Vegan recipes.
  2. Finnish Recipes for outside Finland
    Finnish recipes also call for some Finnish ingredients. They are difficult to purchase outside Finland. Risa makes many Finnish recipes without special ingredients.
    Finnish Food for Everywhere
    Check the Recipes Finnish Food for Everywhere Finnish food is simple and easy to prepare. However, it uses ingredients t...
  3. Cooking Science
    Cooking is the most familiar science for us. If you know something about science, cooking becomes easier than usual.
    For example, Risa explained “why you knead bread dough”, and create “no-knead udon noodle” recipe.
    Why Do We Knead Bread? Mechanism of No-Knead Bread
    Why we cam make bread without kneading, as in no-knead bread? If you understand the reason for kneading bread dough, it's easy question.
    No-Knead Udon, How to Make Udon WITHOUT Foot
    Even if you only have strong flour, high percentage of protain in flour, you can make udon without kneading or stepping. Just wait and enjoy udon.

What I Do

Risa can create recipes using required ingredients. Risa also can create recipes for the certain target. You need to analyze what tastes the target likes, and Risa can do it with scientific knowledge.

Risa can write articles about science and cooking. Risa can do experiments about cooking.


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