Japanese Chicken Karaage, No Sake, No Mirin

One of the most famous and popular Japanese foods is no doubt chicken karaage. Here's a perfect and easy recipe, without sake and mirin!

Sriracha Seasoned Pork

Spicy&tasty Sriracha makes pork tender and delicious. Feel free to freeze it, ready seasoned meatmakes life easier.

Apple Seasoned Pork

Seasoning makes meat tender. In this recipe, I used apple for seasoning. The sweet and sour apple taste increases your appetite.

brown moose stew

Brown moose stew without ready made roux. With a touch ofcooking science, you can cook a delicious brown stew in about 30minutes.

Onion Seasoned Pork

Onion makes pork tender. Soy sauce taste withthe sweet taste of onion goes well with pork. Freeze ready seasoned meat makes life easier.

Easiest Soft Boiled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast can be cooked in many ways, and it's easy to lose some of the nice texture and taste. Let's boil it soft and juicy easily.

Chicken sukiyaki

This traditional dish from Japan, sukiyaki, is a treat especially for autumn and winter. Served hot straight from the pot.

Easy and Delicious Sausage Rolls

Sausage roll is one of the most popular souzai pan in Japan. You must love it once you try it. Easy and delicious sausage roll recipe!

Pork Karaage, No Sake, No Mirin

These chunky pieces of pork karaage are seasoned mouth-watering with a rich sweet&salty marinade of ginger and garlic. Cooked karaage-style.
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