Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Ham, Perfect Meal Prep

This is an easiest soft chicken ham made with chicken breast and thigh. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.

Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Char shiu

This is an easiest soft chicken char shiu made with chicken breast. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.

Finnish Traditional Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce

Meatballs are a traditional Finnish home cooking. Slightly soft meatballs with a mushroom sauce will make you feel like you are in Finland.

My Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce with Lots of Spices

This is a delicious pulled pork recipe with lots of spices. You can also make barbecue sauce with the onions cooked together.

Stir-Fried Zucchini and Gizzards with Umami Salt

The sweetness of the zucchini enhanced by the simple salt and pepper. With the crunchy texture of the gizzards, it's hard to stop eating.

Sweet and Spicy Soboro don with Plenty of Zucchini

Soborodon is one of the most popular homemade dishes in Japan. I used a lot of seasonal zucchini to make this delicious soborodon.

Thick Japanese Curry with Curry Powder, without Roux

The key for thick Japanese curry without curry roux or flour is to cook potato till falling apart. Less fat and more healthy Japanese curry.

Chicken Namban, Fried Chicken with Vinegar and Tartar Sauce

Chicken Nanban is a dish made in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. Fried chicken is dipped in a sweet sour sauce and topped with tartar sauce.

Sweet and Spicy Delicious Pork Rice Bowl, Butadon

There are many kinds of rice bowl dishes in Japan. It is an easy and delicious Butadon recipe. Sweet and spicy pork and onion on rice.
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Tasty, Non-Smelly Chicken Liver Pate, Liver Paste

I got chicken liver from Middle Eastern market and cooked it. If you prepare it well, you can make a delicious liver pate without any smell.

Batter for Karaage: The Ratio and How to Make It Crispy

The batter for karaage is flour or potato starch. You can change the crispiness by the ratio.This recipe is for a more crispy texture karaage.

Mapo Harusame, Spicy Fried Vermicelli with Sriracha Sauce

Mapo vermicelli was created in Japan as an adaptation of the Chinese Mapo tofu. This recipe uses tomatoes for a refreshing taste.

Chicken Soboro Donburi without Sake and Mirin

Chicken Soboro Donburi is minced chicken seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce and served on rice. Serve it with scrambled eggs and pea pods.

Ponzu Seasoned Chicken Thigh

The juicy chicken thighs are refreshing with the acidity of ponzu. This chicken is also delicious stir-fried with vegetables.

Spicy BBQ Spare Ribs with Sriracha Sauce

This spicy spare ribs is perfect for a BBQ. It smells great when grilled over charcoal. Of course, they are also delicious in the oven.

Japanese Stewed Beef Achilles Tendon and Nikogori

Stewed beef Achilles tendon is full of collagen. When it cools down, it becomes a "nikogori" texture like jelly.
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Beef Achilles Tendon Preparation

Beef Achilles tendon is the thickest and hardest part of tendon. Using a pressure cooker is the best way to prepare the Achilles tendon.

Beef Stomach Abomasum, Stewed in Tomatoes

Well prepared abomasum is stewed in tomato sauce with aromatic vegetables. They don't have odor. Enjoy the texture and the taste!
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Beef 4th Stomach Abomasum, Prepared for Stew

When preparing abomasum, it is not wise to boil it from the beginning. Soaking abomasum in milk and boiling it with celery is an easy way.

Menchikatsu with Plentiful Spring Cabbage

Menchikatsu is Japanese deep fried meatballs with batter. The crispy batter and juicy meat are tasty, and easier to make than korokke.

Doria, Meat Gratin with Rice

Doria is a Japanese dish, a gratin made with rice instead of potatoes or macaroni. If you make meat sauce, you must try Doria.

Meat Sauce with Lots of Vegetables

This meat sauce is full of vegetables seasoned with Heinz Worcestershire sauce. Without wheat, the sauce is thick and goes well with pasta.

Ginger Pork

You can enjoy Real Japanese Ginger Pork all over the world. The seasoning makes it possible to enjoy tender ginger pork like Japanese meat.

Ume Plum Soy Seasoned Pork

Pre-seasoning makes the meat tender and juicy, and helps to make home cooking easier. The plums' sourness gives pork an appetizing flavor.

Sweet Sour Chicken Wings

The chicken wings are stir-fried with vegetables, and a sweet and sour sauce gives it an appetizing taste. Sweet and sour suits chicken wings!
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