The Best DIY Fruit Fly Trap & How to Get Rid of Fruit Fly


How do you catch a fruit fly? DIY powerful fruit fly trap is effective. You can easily do this with materials you have at home.


What Fruit Flies are?

To begin with, what is a fruit fly? According to the Earth Chemical website, in Japan, there are four main types of flies we call fruit flies

  • Drosophila
  • Scuttle fly
  • Fungus gnat
  • Moth fly

Of these, the red-eyed Drosophila is particularly problematic in the summer.

The Nature of Fruit Fly

So what kind of places does Drosophila, fruit flies hang out?

Adults are common fruit flies from spring through fall, and are especially common in summer and fall.
Adults congregate and lay eggs in fermented materials such as rotting fruit in kitchens and plant matter in garbage cans. The larvae also grow to maturity in them.

Our idea is that fruit flies hang out in garbage. Then, we noted the word fermentation in this description.


Fruit Flies Love Alcohol

Fruit flies hang on to fermented products. If this is the case, then the substance produced by fermentation may be luring fruit flies. In other words, I expected that alcohol might be the key.

I searched and found a study titled “Why does Drosophila prefer alcohol? At the beginning of the article, it says as follows

Drosophila(Sho-jo fly) is so named because of its characteristic propensity to attract alcohol, from the drink-loving specter Sho-jo.

From this we learn that fruit flies are attracted to alcohol.


As for Fermentation, Yeast

That’s when I came up with the idea of using yeast as a trap. It was during the summer when I was fermenting bread dough. Fruit flies would come and bother me. So I made a trap using this as a reverse reaction.

What is yeast?

Yeast is essential for baking. And yeast breaks down sugar to produce carbon dioxide gas and alcohol.

C6H12O6 → 2CO2 + 2C2H5OH

We are going to use this alcohol to get rid of fruit flies.

Dry Yeast is Not Bulky

Dry yeast is a cheap and easily stored ingredient. Even if you do not make bread, it is sold in small batches. Also, use up any opened yeast immediately or discard it otherwise.


Pet Bottles Can Leak Easily

Next, consider the container for the fruit fly trap. A common method is to cut off the top of a plastic bottle, turn it upside down, and fit it over the bottle.

Common Way to Make Fruit Fly Trap
Common Way to Make Fruit Fly Trap

However, when we tried this method, we found an unexpected drawback. Alcohol gas leaked from the gap between the bottles, and fruit flies gathered there.

Of course, you cannot catch fruit flies if they are attracted to the outside of the bottle.

Glass Jars and Funnel

So I thought of a way to prevent gaps from forming. Then I came up with the idea of using a glass jar and a funnel.

With these two things, gaps were less likely to form and fruit flies would not accumulate on the outside.


Too Strong Fruit Fly Trap

DIY fly traps using yeast are easy and powerful. However, there is one drawback. It is so powerful that it attracts fruit flies from outside. There is no way around this.

So, when you set the trap, close the window and make sure that fruit flies cannot come in from the outside.

Fly traps are easy to make. Please give it a try.

The Best DIY Fruit Fly Trap & How to Get Rid of Fruit Fly

How do you catch a fruit fly? DIY powerful fruit fly trap is effective. You can easily do this with materials you have at home.
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time5 mins
  • dry yeast 1/2 tsp
  • sugar 1/2 tsp
  • dishwashing liquid
  • water
glass jars
Before setting up fly traps
  • Close all windows so as not to attract flies from outside.
  • Dispose of any other items that may attract fruit flies, such as food scraps.
  • It is recommended to set the trap before going to bed and retrieve it in the morning.
How to make traps
  • Put yeast, sugar, and one push of dishwashing liquid in a glass jar.
  • Set the funnel on top of the glass jar and see where the end of the funnel comes up.
  • Remove the funnel and pour water into the glass jar. Use a modest amount so that the tip of the funnel does not touch the water.
  • Shake the glass jar to mix the contents well.
  • Place the funnel over the bottle and set it in place.
If using a plastic bottle as a substitute
  • Cut off the top of the plastic bottle.
  • If a plastic bottle is used, alcohol may leak from the joints and fruit flies may come there. It is a good idea to cover the joints with tape or something similar.
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