Japanese Rice with Boiled Pork, Spring Onion, and Ginger

Rice cooked in the boiled water of boiled pork is a great dish. The spring onions and ginger stimulate the appetite even more.

How to Make Sushi Rice, Rice with Vinegar

Sushi and Kaisendon go well with sushi rice, rice with vinegar. Here's a recipe for sushi rice, measured by volume and gram, and tastes great.

Spicy Fried Rice with Lao Gan Ma

Fried rice with Lao Gan Ma, a Chinese chili oil. The Chinese pepper is quite strong in Lao Gan Ma, but becomes milder when heated.

Doria, Meat Gratin with Rice

Doria is a Japanese dish, a gratin made with rice instead of potatoes or macaroni. If you make meat sauce, you must try Doria.

Hijiki Seasoned Rice

We have many ways to enjoy rice. Hijiki seasoned rice is one of the most popular seasoned rice recipes. Enjoy the great hijiki & soy taste!

Milk Porridge – A Traditional Finnish Christmas Dish

Milk porridge is a symbolic food of Christmas in Finland. The tradition is to put almonds in the pot and whoever hits them gets a present.

Edamame Rice

Easy edamame rice with frozen edamame! The flavour of the dashi and the sweetness of the edamame make you feel special.

Japanese Mussel Rice

Mussel is the most common shellfish in Finland. Cooking mussels and rice with dashi is easy and delicious.

Cook rice in a pot

Rice. Simple cooked rice in a normal household pot. The essential ingredient of Japanese cuisine and part of many dishes.
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