Wasabi Flavored Tarako Pasta with Kalles Kaviar

Tarako pasta made with the well-known Kalles Kaviar, arranged with wasabi. This is a simple yet delicious recipe.

Easy Tuna and Avocado Pasta with Wasabi Flavor

The classic tuna and avocado pasta is accented with wasabi. This pasta sauce is easy to just mix and serve.

Soba with Pasta Machine – Easest Homemade Soba

We have buckwheat flour, but no soba noodles. This is a recipe for soba noodles that can be easily made with a pasta machine, even overseas.

No-Knead Chinese Noodle, Ramen, the Easiest Ramen

Even if you only have strong flour, you can make Chinese noodles and ramen without kneading, just by waiting. The easiest Ramen!

No-Knead Udon, How to Make Udon WITHOUT Foot

Even if you only have strong flour, high percentage of protain in flour, you can make udon without kneading or stepping. Just wait and enjoy udon.

The Easiest Chinese Noodle Recipe: Pasta and Baking Soda

The easiest way to make chinese noodle is to boil pasta with baking soda! I'M SURE! Why does it happen? What's the point? Here's all about it.
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Pasta Salad with Cheese and Dried Tomatoes

The rich cheese flavor and the umami of the dried tomatoes make this pasta salad addictive. Just boil pasta and mix, then it’s ready!

Meat Sauce with Lots of Vegetables

This meat sauce is full of vegetables seasoned with Heinz Worcestershire sauce. Without wheat, the sauce is thick and goes well with pasta.

Homemade Potato Gnocchi

Soft and chewy gnocchi is better when homemade. Fresh gnocchi goes well with many kinds of creamy sauces.

Lemon Cream Chicken Pasta

Thick cream taste and sour lemon taste match surprisingly well. Easy and quick pasta recipe for those busy or lazy days.

Bacon Tomato Cream Pasta

Quick, easy and healthy tomato cream pasta. You can cook the sauce while you are boiling pasta. Without cream, it’s healthy.

Kalles Kaviar Tarako/Mentaiko Pasta

Japanese loves tarako and mentaiko pasta. We can use Kalles Kaviar and cook very easily, just mix. Let's enjoy Japanese Mentaiko taste abroad!
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