Japanese Recipes without Special Ingredients


No-Knead Udon, How to Make Udon WITHOUT Foot

Even if you only have strong flour, high percentage of protain in flour, you can make udon without kneading or stepping. Just wait and enjoy udon.

Petite Round Baguette, No-Knead Overnight Bread

No-knead bread is famous for its campagne. Reducing the water makes the dough possible to shape. Roll it up and make the easiest Baguette.

Overnight Ciabatta, the Easiest No-Knead Bread

Campagne is the most famous no-knead bread, but ciabatta is the easiest. You don't need a pan, and you can keep your hand clean. Amazing easy.
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Why Do We Knead Bread? Mechanism of No-Knead Bread

Why we cam make bread without kneading, as in no-knead bread? If you understand the reason for kneading bread dough, it's easy question.

Super Easy Oatmeal Cookies, Classic Finnish Snack

You can find these oatmeal cookies in any supermarket in Finland. I found a recipe and improved it to be less sweet.

Overnight Oats to Rice Conversion, How to Eat Oatmeal

There are many ways to eat oatmeal, including overnight oats, microwave and pot cooking, and rice-conversion. Here is the perfect recipe!

Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Ham, Perfect Meal Prep

This is an easiest soft chicken ham made with chicken breast and thigh. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.

No-Knead Bread, Overnight Focaccia – Easier than Campagne

Campagne is the most famous no-knead bread, but focaccia is even easier and you don't need a pot. This focaccia is crispy outside, and fluffy inside.

Chocolate and Raisin-filled Cornflake Crunchy Cookies

Delicious cookies with the crunchy cornflakes and sweet raisins and chocolate. This recipe is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients.

Easy Chicken Breast and Thigh Char shiu

This is an easiest soft chicken char shiu made with chicken breast. You just need to leave in the pot and enjoy delicious chicken char siu.
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Delicious Nametake Made without Mirin and Men-tsuyu

Let's turn enoki mushrooms, which are a luxury item overseas, into the more luxurious nametake. It can be made with or without vinegar.
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How to Make Dashi Soy Sauce with Dashi Powder

Dashi soy sauce is perfect for rice with raw egg and boiled rice. If you run out, or can't find it overseas, this recipe is a good substitute.

Finnish Blueberry Pie with White Chocolate

From Finland, the land of blueberries, comes this recipe for a delicious blueberry pie with white chocolate. You can enjoy the cafe taste.

Finnish Traditional Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce

Meatballs are a traditional Finnish home cooking. Slightly soft meatballs with a mushroom sauce will make you feel like you are in Finland.
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Easy and Simple Tomato Salad with Onion Dressing

Simple and easy, quick to make, yet delicious and nutritious. Just add it to your main dish for a colorful addition.

Finnish Mushroom Sauce for Meatballs and Salmon Steaks

This Finnish mushroom sauce is full of mushroom flavor. This recipe uses chanterelles and porcini mushrooms from the forest.
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Japanese Carrot Leaves Salad with Sesame Dressing

Carrot leaves have a taste similar to parsley or crown daisy. Having a slightly bitter taste, they go well with sweet flavored sesame paste.
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Soy Sauce Flavored Ramen Egg, Ajitama, Nitamago

Seasoned eggs are called as Ajitama, Nitamago, and Ramen Eggs. Delicious Ajitama recipe that can be made with easily available ingredients.

My Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce with Lots of Spices

This is a delicious pulled pork recipe with lots of spices. You can also make barbecue sauce with the onions cooked together.

Finnish Traditional Cinnamon Roll, KORVAPUUSTI

Finnish cinnamon rolls are divided into two types by texture. This is KORVAPUUSTI, a traditional cinnamon roll without second fermentation.

Finnish Long Fluffy Cinnamon Roll, KORVAPUUSTIPITKO

Finnish cinnamon rolls are divided into two types by texture. This is KORVAPUUSTIPITKO, a fluffy cinnamon roll with second fermentation.

Finnish Sweet Bun Dough: Up to the First Fermentation

Finland is sweet bread heaven. This is a recipe for bread dough, the basis for cinnamon rolls and many other sweet buns.

Rich Fruit Vinegar with Frozen Fruits and White Sugars

You can make a rich flavored fruit vinegar by using frozen fruit and white sugar. This recipe is quick to ready and does not ferment easily.
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Edamame Tsukemono, Asaduke with Vinegar and Soy

The edamame available in Finland are frozen and peeled. This is a tasty and refreshing pickled edamame in vinegar and soy sauce.
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Ajishio & Ajishio Pepper, to Reduce Salt with Ajinomoto

Ajishio is a mixture of ajinomoto and salt. You can substitute it for salt to reduce salt. When pepper is added, it becomes Ajishio pepper.
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