Japanese Recipes without Special Ingredients


Nanban Zuke, Japanese Sweet Sour Pickled Fish n Vege

Nanban Duke is sweet sour pickled fried fish and vege. Horse mackerel and salmon are used in Japan. In Finland, I use Muikku and Silakka.

Chicken sukiyaki

This traditional dish from Japan, sukiyaki, is a treat especially for autumn and winter. Served hot straight from the pot.

Easy Korean pancake

Korean-style salty pancake. This is a simple and healthy one: easy and quick to make with a lot of vegetables.

Tsukemono, Japanese Pickled Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage tsukemono is one of the most common tsukemono, Japanese pickles. It's easy and healthy, goes well with rice.

Onion dressing

A versatile cold dressing made with raw onion. Suits well with fried or deep fried foods when you need a balancing element for oil.

Sweet soy preserved mushroom

Tsukudani is a way of preparing meats, seafoods or vegetables with sugar and soy sauce. In this recipe shiitake is replaced with champignon.

Easy and Delicious Sausage Rolls

Sausage roll is one of the most popular souzai pan in Japan. You must love it once you try it. Easy and delicious sausage roll recipe!

Kalles Kaviar Easiest Tarako Mentaiko Pasta Sauce

Japanese loves tarako and mentaiko pasta. We can use Kalles Kaviar and cook very easily, just mix. Let's enjoy Japanese Mentaiko taste abroad!

Pork Karaage, No Sake, No Mirin

These chunky pieces of pork karaage are seasoned mouth-watering with a rich sweet&salty marinade of ginger and garlic. Cooked karaage-style.

Tsukemono, Japanese Pickled Carrot

A real simple recipe for delicious Japanese pickled carrots. Works great as a side dish with various foods.
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Basic Seasonings and Ingredients in Piece of Oishi

Piece of Oishi recipes use the simplest ingredients as possible so that they can be made anywhere in the world, and here is the list of them!

The Easiest and Simplest Japanese Bread Dough

The easiest and simplest Japanese bread dough recipe. Easy to handle and bakes up fluffy, perfect for sweet buns and souzai pan.

Tips for Baking Japanese Bread

This is a list of tips for baking Japanese bread that can't be written down in a recipe. Please take a look at it before you bake bread.
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