ingredient, seasoning

ingredient, seasoning

White Anko and Matcha Anko with Butter Beans

I made white anko with butter beans, and it turned out to be delicious. A little tip, add matcha green tea to make matcha anko.
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Satsumaage, 6 Different Types of Japanese Fish Cakes

Satsumaage is a Japanese deep-fried fish cake. It’s common to buy them in Japan, but we can make it by ourselves, and it’s delicious.
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How to Cook Dashi Soup

Dashi is one of the fundamental ingredients in Japanese cooking. Let’s learn how to cook dashi and cook traditional Japanese food!
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Roasted Sesame Seeds by Fring Pan and Oven

It’s easy and useful to keep a patch of roasted sesame seeds in your kitchen! It makes many foods tastier and looks nice!
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Soy Sauce Koji

Koji is thought to be the national bacteria of Japan. Koji is used to make soy sauce, miso, sake. In addition, koji helpes our cooking!
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Garlic soy sauce

Soy sauce by itself is great. Garlic soy sauce is so nice to have in the fridge, many times you want those two combined from the beginning.
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Garlic olive oil

Olive oil is one the essentials you need in a kitchen. Garlic walks hand in hand with olive, so why not have that ready?
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Garlic Miso Paste

Miso is a traditional seasoning from Japan. It's produced by fermenting soybeans, this is a version for those with a taste for garlic.
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Nametake Made with Mushroom, not Enoki

Nametake in Japanese and made with enoki mushroom. This recipe is a version made with champignon with the sweet and salty soy saucy taste.
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