Let's Bake Japanese Bread

Let's Bake Japanese Breadbread

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The Easiest and Simplest Japanese Bread

Since you have decided to make bread, I hope you will bake it again and again, if possible. I’m extremely tedious myself, so I only use an electronic balance for measuring. Washing a butter knife is also a hassle, so I use olive oil. I adjusted the water content many times to make the dough easy to handle without being sticky and fluffy when baked.
The Easiest and Simplest Japanese Bread Dough
The easiest and simplest Japanese bread dough recipe. Easy to handle and bakes up fluffy, perfect for sweet buns and souzai pan.

Tips for Baking Japanese Bread
This is a list of tips for baking Japanese bread that can't be written down in a recipe. Please take a look at it before you bake bread.

The same dough can be used for both sweet bread and side dish bread

Baking bread is a time-consuming task. But the beauty of homemade bread is that you can make as much bread as you like.
I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that you can make several kinds of bread at once.
Using the basic dough, you can transform it into either a sweet bread or a souzai pan just by changing the shaping and toppings. Each recipe has a size and number guide so you can adjust the amount of ingredients depending on how much you want to make.

Sozai Pan

Sausage Rolls, Tuna Mayo Bread, Corn Mayo Bread, Edamame Cheese Bread, Bacon Cheese Bread, egg sandwich

Sweet Buns

Sweet Boule, Laskiaispulla, Danish Roll

Meal Bread

Some dough formulations are different.

Shokupan, Anko Shokupan, Soft Bun with Syrup.


Easy Bacon Cheese Baguette, Overnight No-Knead Bread

No-knead bread is famous for its campagne. Reducing the water makes the dough possible to shape. Make the easiest Bacon Cheese Baguette.

Easy Crunchy Bacon Epi, Overnight No-Knead Bread

No-knead bread is famous for its campagne. Reducing the water makes the dough possible to shape. You can make crunchy bacon epi easily.

Petite Round Baguette, No-Knead Overnight Bread

No-knead bread is famous for its campagne. Reducing the water makes the dough possible to shape. Roll it up and make the easiest Baguette.

Overnight Ciabatta, the Easiest No-Knead Bread

Campagne is the most famous no-knead bread, but ciabatta is the easiest. You don't need a pan, and you can keep your hand clean. Amazing easy.
Cooking Science

Why Do We Knead Bread? Mechanism of No-Knead Bread

Why we cam make bread without kneading, as in no-knead bread? If you understand the reason for kneading bread dough, it's easy question.

No-Knead Bread, Overnight Focaccia – Easier than Campagne

Campagne is the most famous no-knead bread, but focaccia is even easier and you don't need a pot. This focaccia is crispy outside, and fluffy inside.

Finnish Traditional Cinnamon Roll, KORVAPUUSTI

Finnish cinnamon rolls are divided into two types by texture. This is KORVAPUUSTI, a traditional cinnamon roll without second fermentation.

Finnish Long Fluffy Cinnamon Roll, KORVAPUUSTIPITKO

Finnish cinnamon rolls are divided into two types by texture. This is KORVAPUUSTIPITKO, a fluffy cinnamon roll with second fermentation.

Finnish Sweet Bun Dough: Up to the First Fermentation

Finland is sweet bread heaven. This is a recipe for bread dough, the basis for cinnamon rolls and many other sweet buns.

No-Knead Bread: Overnight Campagne without Dutch Oven

This no-knead bread was introduced in the New York Times. I have arranged it for easy making. You can make great campagne easily!

Anpan, Japanese Anko Bread

Anpan is one of the most popular Japanese bread. Normal anpan is a bun filled with anko. This recipe is for delicious and cute anpan.

Bread Roll with Chocolate

This is a cute bread roll filled with chocolate. Bread roll may look difficult to form, but it is easy with small tips and with chocolate!

VOISILMÄPULLA, Finnish Sweet Bun Arranged with Citrus Flavor

Voisilmäpulla, butter eye bun, is popular in Finland. I added lemon, orange, and lime to give this butter and sugar rich bun a fresh twist.

Corn Mayo Bread, Japanese Souzai Pan

The sweetness of the corn and the mayonnaise make this corn mayo bread perfect. The canned corn is full of water, so drain it well.

Tuna Mayo Bread, Japanese Souzai Pan

Tuna Mayo Bread is one of the best souzai pan. Enjoy the crunchy onions, the savory aroma of burnt mayonnaise, and the full flavor of tuna.

Edamame Cheese Bread, Japanese Souzai Pan

This edamame cheese bread is delicious with the texture of edamame and grilled cheese smell. It is a popular souzai pan in Japanese bakeries.

Anko Shokupan

Shokuban is the most popular bread in Japan. Anko rolled shokupan has a gentle flavor. Toasting the anko shokupan makes it more delicious.

Mentaiko-Mayo Toast

Mentaiko is made from cod roe and goes well with rice, also with toast. Shokupan toast is best, and its sweetness goes perfect with mentaiko.

Japanese flavoured Laskiaispulla

Laskiaispulla, semla in Swedish, is eaten mainly on Shrove Tuesday. Here are peculiar Japanese flavoured Laskiaspullas with Anko and Matcha.

Danish Roll; Plain, Chocolate and Matcha

Danish bun recipe with pie crust woven inside the dough to texture and taste. Normal, chocolate and matcha flavoured, great for laskiaispulla.

An-Butter Toast

An-butter toast is a toasted shokupan topped with anko and butter. An-butter toast is from Nagoya, Japan, and can be found in several cafes.

Katsusando, Japanese Pork Cutlet Sandwich

If you make a little extra tonkatsu, you can enjoy Katsusando the next day. The seasoned pork cutlet tastes great in Katsusando.

Shokupan, Japanese White Bread

Shokupan is the most popular bread in Japan. If you toast it, shokupan becomes crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, perfect bread.

Sweet Boule

This bun is called Sweet Boule or Hat Bun, originally from France. Sweet Boule is so fluffy bun with some sweet crispy cookie dough on top.

Wreath Shape Egg Sandwich

A recipe for a cute looking bread wreath. Perfect for Christmas parties, for a dinner table or those slow weekend mornings.
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