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Finns vs. Tripe

I asked Juhani, “I want to eat beef stomache, where can I buy it? And he said, “You want to eat it?” He replied with a question. She replied with a question.
Yes, I eat it. I prefer second or fourth stomach. If possible, I prefer intestines to stomach. I really want to cook it as barbeque, but I think the processing is different from Japan, so it will be difficult. I think I’ll stew it first. I explained this to him, but he didn’t understand at all.
That’s how unfamiliar beef offal is to Finnish people.
But, I want to eat offal!

The Journey to Find Beef Offal

It was obvious that Finnish supermarkets didn’t have offals, so I narrowed down my search to Asian and Middle Eastern markets. I found it easily at the first Middle Eastern market.

On the left is a cow’s stomach (tripe), and on the right is a sheep’s intestines.
I really wanted to eat the intestines, but since sheep’s intestines could be used for sausage skin, I bought the cow’s stomach as a safety measure.

The Adventure of Trippa

I bought a cow’s stomach bag. On the bag, it says “tripe” or “trippa” in various languages.

I thought it was the second stomach because of it, but I couldn’t see the hexagonal structure, the character of the second stomach, inside the bag. Maybe it’s on the inside of the fold! So, assuming that it was the second stomach, I started to thaw and prepare it.

The pre-treatment of second stomach is as follows
・Remove the black skin on the surface.
・Boil it to remove the odor.
As you can see, there was no black skin at all, so I defrosted and started preboiling immediately.

What Is Your Name?

Upon thawing, I noticed that I could not find any hexagonal structure anywhere, not even on the folded inside. I had a growing suspicion that these might not be second stomach. But, I’m the type of person who can’t stop running. I started to boil them according to the preparation method for second stomach.

I had read on the Internet that you should boil them slowly and for a long time with vinegar. I did it, but they smelled like crayon. I was boiling beef stomach, but it smelled like crayon. Even with ventilation, the whole house smelled like crayons. While enduring the smell, I searched for “offal, crayon” and “tripe, crayon,” but of course, nothing came up.

And I Was at a Loss

After about an hour of boiling, the crayon smell abated and I completed the prep work. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find a hexagon. And I was convinced. This is not the second stomach.

It’s the 4th stomach, abomasum.

I had been preparing to cook it as 2nd stomach. I wondered how I should cook abomasum. I didn’t know anything, so I tweeted on Twitter, my follower told me, “Speaking of abomasum, it’s at Lampredotto in Florence!” Yes! Florence! I remembered that when I went to Florence a few years ago, the whole city smelled like crayons. Abomasum, it was you!

I knew what it was and how to cook it, but unfortunately I didn’t have any white wine or celery, so I just stewed it in tomatoes in the style of 2nd stomach, which was also delicious. Here is the recipe I made again later.
Enjoy Beef Tripe Overseas
Japanese people eat offals as grilled or stewed. I want enjoy delicious tripe abroad! This is my story of struggle to eat tripe in Finland.

Preparing the Abomasum

Now, I know that abomasum is readily available, I want to establish a method of preparing it.
When I looked up ways to remove the smell of offals, they are the most common methods.

・Salt it and wash
・Soak in milk
・Boil it with vinegar
・Boil it with potherbs

Based on my experience of making the whole house smell like crayon, I decided that it was dangerous to boil them from the beginning. Since I didn’t want to take unnecessary salt, I adopted the “soak in milk & boil with herbs” method. As a result, the smell was almost gone, and the house didn’t smell like crayon. I was able to prepare the fish in peace.
Beef 4th Stomach Abomasum, Prepared for Stew
When preparing abomasum, it is not wise to boil it from the beginning. Soaking abomasum in milk and boiling it with celery is an easy way.

Cooking the Abomasum

With the pre-treatment method I described above, the odor is pretty much removed. However, it is not completely odorless, and there is still a faint smell in the many folds and thick parts, so cutting the abomasum into thin strips and using potherbs seems to be a good idea when cooking. The lampredotto needs more research and try, so I post the recipe for the tomato stew.
Beef Stomach Abomasum, Stewed in Tomatoes
Well prepared abomasum is stewed in tomato sauce with aromatic vegetables. They don't have odor. Enjoy the texture and the taste!

Beef Offal in Finland

I found out that with a little effort, we can eat beef offal in Finland. However, it seems to be difficult to eat it as grilled meat. Too bad. Nevertheless, I was very satisfied, and Juhani liked the texture very much, saying it was delicious and tasty. I’ve come to realize that even in Finland, where ingredients are hard to come by, you can still find and enjoy many things if you look hard enough.
Here is the store where I bought the abomasum this time.
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