My Favorite Cookware – What I Brought from Japan


I’d like to introduce some of my favorite cooking utensils that I’m glad I brought with me when I moved from Japan. In this page, especially, I’ll introduce some of my cooking utensils that I use almost every day.


Knives are Important

When I was living in a share house abroad, I remember how frustrated I was when the kitchen knives I was given were completely useless. It’s only sharpness, but still sharpness. A knife that you are familiar with is one of the things that you should definitely bring when you move abroad.

Geoproducts for Pots

My favorite pot, which I have been using for more than 10 years since I bought it when I started living alone, is a Geo Product from Miyazaki Seisakusho. Geo Pot with 2 Handles : Home & Kitchen Geo Pot with 2 Handles : Home & Kitchen
I can fry without oil, without getting burnt. The lid closes tightly so I can cook without water. In addition, I can bake bread in the oven. I use it for everything I cook. It’s the best. Thanks to this pan, I am able to bake delicious no-knead bread.
No-Knead Bread: Overnight Campagne without Dutch Oven
This no-knead bread was introduced in the New York Times. I have arranged it for easy making. You can make great campagne easily!

I live with two people and use the 25cm shallow type. It is very useful for one-pot dishes, as shallow pots are not so common overseas. I think I need a bigger one when I make a lot of soups and curries.

Marna Silicon Spatula

Japanese silicon spatulas are of excellent quality. It is very flexible.

You can easily fry, scoop, and serve with this one. It is perfect not only for stir-frying, but also for making anko, jam, where you have to scrape the food as you work.

Japanese Grater

However, the fibers of the ginger get tangled easily and it is quite frustrating. The garlic is also a little too rough to be called grated garlic. But if you use the finer part, it almost gets stuck and is useless. I hurriedly ordered this grating plate from Japan. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 6-1/2-inch Ceramic Grater : Home & Kitchen
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Ginger can be easily grated. It also makes a good paste for garlic. The best part is that it is non-slip and easy to use. And it’s dishwasher safe. I love it. I love it.

Ziploc is the Best Storage Container

It’s transparent, you can see what’s inside, it’s heat-resistant, freezeproof, and it doesn’t leak. Ziploc is the best storage container.

When I microwave carrots or potatoes, I always use Ziploc. I can see what’s inside, and I can tell at a glance how soft they are. It’s the best.

Legged Colander & Bowl

In Japan, colanders with legs are commonly sold. In Finland, you rarely see them. A colander with legs is indispensable for draining boiled vegetables and pasta. And a bowl of the right size comes in handy when rehydrating vermicelli. Cuisinart Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers: Home & Kitchen
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Y-Shaped Peeler

Be Sure to Bring Your Beloved Things

When I moved to Japan, knives and pots were the first things I packed in my luggage. Knives and pots can be found in absolutely any country.

However, the stress after moving to a new country can be quite overwhelming. It is hard to cook with unfamiliar ingredients and unfamiliar utensils. In order to reduce stress, please bring your own familiar cooking utensils.


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