Japanese Food You can Buy in Finland – Level ★☆☆


Japanese cooking uses a variety of ingredients. What ingredients are easy to find in Finland and what are not?

I’ve compiled a list of Japanese ingredients that can be bought in Finland, according to the level of difficulty in getting them. Some are surprisingly easy to find, while others are quite difficult to find. If you have any information on what you have seen in Finland, please let me know.


Difficulty Level ★☆☆

This is a list of ingredients commonly used in Japanese cooking that can be found in any medium-sized supermarket, like a large K-maeket and a medium S-Market.

Soy Sauce = Soijakastike

[Japanese] Shoyu
[Manufacturer] Kikkoman
[Section] Asian seasoning section, often near sriracha sauce, etc.

You can find Kikkoman’s soy sauce in any moderate to large supermarket. Some well-stocked stores carry vegan and low-sodium soy sauce, as well as cute little one in soy sauce jars.
Kikkoman Tuotteet Reseptis Inspiraatio
Reseptit, tietoa soijakastikkeesta ja teriyakista, trendit ja vinkit, laadukkaat soijakastikkeet ► Kikkoman, japanilaisen soijakastikkeen markkinajohtaja!

Potato starch = Perunajauho

[Japanese] Katakuri-ko
[Manufacturer] Pirkka and other Finnish brands
[Section] Flour section

It is called Katakuri-ko in Japanese because it was originally taken from a plant called Katakuri. Almost all products nowadays are potato starch.
It is sold as Perunajauho = potato flour. There are several Finnish manufacturers, ant they are all the same as Japanese potato starch.

Bread flour = Korppujauho

[Japanese] Panko
[Manufacturer] Pirkka and other Finnish brands
[section] Flour section

Breadcrumbs are actually used a lot in Finnish cooking. It is used as a binder for meatballs or to make them crunchy by sprinkling them over oven dishes.

However, the texture of breadcrumbs is different because bread in Japan and Finland is different.

Finnish bread is packed tightly, so the crumbs are also packed tightly. The crumbs are fine and have a crunchy texture when used as batter for deep fried foods. If you go to a large supermarket, you can also find the Japanese type labeled “Panko”. They are more fluffy.

In Japanese recipes, Finnish breadcrumbs are sufficient to mix in meatballs and other dishes. However, if you measure by volume, you will end up adding too much, so be sure to weigh it.
If you want to use it as a batter for fried foods, I suggest using Japanese Panko.
Finnish Traditional Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce
Meatballs are a traditional Finnish home cooking. Slightly soft meatballs with a mushroom sauce will make you feel like you are in Finland.

Brown Sugar Syrup = Tumma siirappi

[Japanese] Kuromitsu
[Manufacturer] Dansukker, etc.
[Section] Sugar section

Brown sugar syrup is often used in making gingerbread and other Finnish sweets. It is made from sugar cane. It’s same as Japanese kuromitsu, and it tastes almost the same as the Japanese one.

Rice flour = Riisijauho

[Japanese] Komeko, Joshin-ko
[Manufacturer] Risenta etc.
[Section] Flour section.

Difficulty ★★☆

Difficulty ★★★


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