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Hi, I’m Ahi!

Konnichiwa, my name is Ahi. Nice to meet you!

Back in Japan I was a science teacher who liked cooking. A lot.

After half a decade of teaching junior high and high school students I felt I wanted to do something completely different and decided to make some changes. So, I put teaching aside and moved to Finland. That’s approximately a 7500 km leap of faith.

Finnish people are nice (and quiet). They speak good English and are in many ways similar to Japanese: they are polite and a little shy. Life in Finland is different though, but I feel it’s perfect for me.

Only downside is that my passion, cooking, has got a little difficult. Where is miso? Where is sake? I can’t buy familiar ingredients.

At least there are Asian markets but all these imported goods are a little too expensive for my wallet. Why is the local cucumber so big? What is this sweet potato and why is it orange? sigh It’s like this, isn’t it?

Japanese food is popular worldwide. You can find sushi restaurants basically everywhere, but there is more to Japanese food than just nigiri and sashimi.

I love Japanese food and I hope more people get a change to cook and taste it. Obviously, it’s hard to cook the same way as in Japan.

As I got to know local people and Japanese people living here I noticed we all share the same challenges. There is some invisible wall preventing us all from enjoying nice homemade Japanese food.

As a science teacher, I started to think about the mechanisms behind cooking. Do you need to buy all the impossible to find ingredients and seasonings listed in the recipe? NO. I’m going to explain what you need and what you don’t need, and why it’s like that. You can use scientific ways of thinking for all cooking you do.

I strongly believe that cooking can be fun and exciting. Thinking a little science-wise will help you improve your cooking skills dramatically. I warmly welcome you to participate in this journey of adding Piece of Oishi in your life!


Hi, I’m Juhani!

Hands up who loves food? I have both hands in the air, not kidding.

I was born and raised in Oulu, now living in the lovely city of Tampere. Since I was a child I’ve been doing experiments in the kitchen. Not always so successful, not in the least because I tend to look at a recipe and then do my version. Baking is also close to my heart. Not a cook by profession though, I have a degree in social studies and work experience in that field.

So, why food blogging? I felt it was time to do something else for a while. And of course there is the passion for food, Japanese food in particular I do enjoy greatly. I guess the stars were in order and the planets aligned because I met this Japanese lady who is into cooking, Ahi. We started dating, moved in together. Ahi got the idea for a blog and here we are. She does most of the recipes and blog posts, I take care of language and try to learn a new skill of photography. Together we aim to provide nice content for you!

Take a Piece of our Oishi pie!


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