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I am Ahi from Piece of Oishi

In Finland, where I live, the variety of ingredients available is quite limited.
Even if the ingredients are limited, I want to eat delicious Japanese food abroad.
That is why I started Piece of Oishi.

Japanese Recipes Abroad & Cooking Science

Of course, you can make all of our recipes without mirin or sake.
In addition to recipes, we also have articles on the science of cooking and food.


Do you like Japanese food? And do you like cooking?
If both are yes, then you must have experienced some surprises with Japanese recipes.

Specialized Japanese Recipes for Overseas

For example, mirin, sake, mentsuyu...
Japanese recipes use so many special ingredients.
In addition, they are very expensive overseas.

Therefore, as a Japanese living abroad, I have created delicious Japanese recipes.
Only with a minimum of ingredients, you can make delicious Japanese food overseas.


It is good to have a choice in everything.
Even food is good when you can choose from meat, vegetarian, and vegan options.

And there are many vegan foods in Japan.
Moreover, they have a long history and are part of our daily lives.

Japanese Traditional Vegan Food

For example, tofu. Nowadays, it is an essential part of vegan recipes.
Actually, there are various processed tofu products.

And konjac is also a great choice for vegan recipes.
Of course, there are also recipes using various vegetables.
Here are some vegan and vegetarian recipes from Japan that are not well known yet.

Food & Cooking Science Articles

Cooking is a science. Perhaps it sounds difficult.
Maybe molecular gastronomy comes to mind. That's too complecated.

However, baking bread or boiling pasta is also a science.
Certainly, science is deeply related to everyday cooking.

Easy & Tasty Cooking with Science


Japanese Recipe Videos from Scratch

When we cook a dish we have never eaten or seen before, we feel uneasy just looking at the recipe.
Even if the finished food tastes good, you wonder if it is really correct.
Everyone is a beginner at first.
We introduce videos that you can cook with us.

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